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Just don't eat you'll save a fortune and have loads leftover for charity shops and goodies!!


Here's a topic close to a lot of peoples hearts at the moment! We are doing more or less the same as you.

My best tip for saving on the weekly shop? Do it online! I recently swopped from Sainsbury's to Asda and my weekly bill has dropped between £15 and £20. I know you have to pay the delivery charge but it still works out cheaper because I'm not tempted so much. You can keep an eye on the running total, and if you do the order through you can actually see what your trolley would cost at the other online supermarkets, as you shop. Excellent!

I love your blog, by the way!


Great blog, and a very relevant post! It's hard to cut down and cut back - especially with a family with lots of taste variations! Apart from books (love the Thrifty Ways for Modern Days!) I've found the Down to Earth blog most helpful on cutting back, simplifying, name it! I don't food shop online but I can see how it would save you being tempted in the aisles....!

French Knots

I'm a big Down to Earth fan too, lots of sensible advice. Do you read There is an area in the forum called money saving old style and it's full of great ideas.
I menu plan then shop with a list, impulse buys are allowed if it's something that we use that is on offer. I save all my receipts'll think I'm a real nutter now.....add them up at the end of the month, then divide the total by the number of days in the month to give me a daily amount! I know I should get out more! But it's a good way of comparing month on month to see exactly what I spend and to try and keep the costs down.


I think its getting harder for everyone - is getting a bread maker worth it as I've been thinking of getting one? I've just been introducing more and more pasta and rice dishes to the menu and making our own pizzas too
lisa x


it's the same over here in Holland. Add to that a low income as I get a disabeled benefit, on top of that they're cutting down on extra's I got because my daughter has turned 18, don't they realize she's costing more and more now that she starts Uni???? I'm guilty of being an impulse buyer to, but I'm definately going to have to stop that, so any tip I'll glady try.

Kitschen Pink

On my blog I have a link to lottie the Allotment Lady - since meeting her I have felt especially ashamed at the amount we waste! her blog is an inspiration and many of her recipes are based around the need to use up all the produce she grows so they are very adaptable. My good tip for the supermarket is to take cash and no other method of payment and then add up as you go around! It's terrifying because you don't want to get to the checkout and not have enough pennies (how embarrassing would that be?!!!) and it does make you aware of the relative cost of your choices! So you can still take advantage if a product you use a lot is on an offer worth having - but you have to put something else back on the shelf! Living on the edge - that's me! xx

Michele chivers

I think we have really cut down on the treats that we regularly bought without a second thought.. now I refuse to buy shop cakes and make my own .. mostly rhubarb cake grown in the garden.
I buy most of my clothes, which aren't many, from Ebay.. You can find some fab clothes which are brand new but at a fraction of the price of new...and I always sell something in order to buy.
Money certainly is tight and I have virtually zilch disposable income these days but it has done me a lot of good to go without.. If I don't need it.. I don't buy it... (well .. there are exceptions of course!)
Before I go... CONGRATULATIONS Nicky on your Country Living feature... Fab to see one of your gorgeous bunnies in the mag this month... Reach for the stars!

Vicki K

Several years ago there was a series of newsletters published by Amy Dacyczyn (sounds like 'decision') here in America whose tips were all about saving money. She published them monthly until she was able to retire! Then they were published in 3 volumes called The Tightwad Gazette. They have all kinds of ideas-some I liked and tried and some were just too much. But her writing style is entertaining and interesting.


Isn't homemade bread the best!
I use to love it and the smell it gives our home.
Sadly,my machine gave up.
I also know what you mean about buying more at the grocery store than whats on your list.
I'm so very guilty of that.
Right now,with boxes in my garage of unopened or unused crafts(when money was no issue and I worked for a craft store),I'm trying to stay away from the craft stores and used whats on hand,but I'm having withdrawls.
Im pathetic,lol.


We buy hienz ketchup in the little glass bottles it works out cheaper per kg. Don't ask why maybe most people don't like banging on the bottle to get it out, seems very silly for the environment too.
Great post, I must make some bread soon, and some home made pizza.

Loved seeing one of your rabbits in cl, well done. I really love your rabbits will have to save some pennies one day!

Est Rasmussen

My Mum like yours is so incredibly careful with her money but we always had fantastic meals and still do. A few tips are to turn stale bread into breadcrumbs, they freeze beautifully. Also grating tatty bits of cheese and freezing them works well too. Great for toppings or cheese sauces. Lastly if you buy ginger root, peel the whole thing cut into small chunks and freeze in a tupperware pot. Each time you need some take and grate straight from frozen. I would love to say I never waste food, that would not be true but I do my best! Thanks for such an inspiring blog.


Book-wise I would highly recommend The Complete Tightwad Gazette - easily available on Amy Dacyczyn has some wonderful ideas for saving money in all areas of life. Shopping-wise I can highly recommend Aldi. My partner and I have shopped there pretty much continuously for the last 9 years and their products are fantastic quality as well as being extremely well priced. I've very much become vegetarian lately as the price of meat is just astronomical and I only like to buy organic. Pasta has become pretty much a staple in our house, luckily we both like it, as have salads with a jacket potato.


just wanted to drop by and say congratulations on your bunny and website details,being featured in the new Country Living magazine!!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

A really good post today - just how I'm feeling! Thanks for the book links too - I've just ordered Thrifty Ways! Lucy x


There was an excellent piece on yesterday's Sunday Life programme about the free economy. Basically the concept is one of trading skills, goods and services with others in your community. If you have bbc iplayer it might be worth a look. Here's a link to one site mentioned in the programme.
Secondly, Ireland has a website called jumbletown which allows people to advertise things they no longer want and people can take for free. The nearest in the uk is the freebies section on gumtree. Unless somebody knows of any others. a subject everybody is having to think about. Excellent post.

It's definitely


Sorry, about end of comment there. It should read: It's definitely a subject everybody is having to think about.


Food prices are definately increasing for everyone. I think bread baking is a good idea and everyone says it tastes better that real bread, the only thing being that I only have a stove top right now. I also find that cooking and freezing veggies for later on in the week helps because when they stay out or in the fridge they spoil, which is a real waste of money.


I think there are degrees of making savings - and we have to ask ourselves how far we want to take it….
Online shopping is excellent and I do do it occasionally but I like getting near food and like seeing what looks good in the fruit and vegetable sections. I am now making a rough meal plan and that has saved me not only money but also I am wasting less.
Another area I am now focusing on is my use of the oven. In many old cookery books they used to pay a lot of attention to economical use of the oven – batch baking, popping a rice pudding in when you are making a casserole etc.
I bake bread every other day. I use the left overs as much as I can – brown betty, bread and butter pudding are all old fashioned BUT they fill you up and are popular in the Gill household.
I personally wouldn’t bother with all the new books about saving money – don’t buy them but if you really want to read them order them from the library :)


Something I haven't done yet but would like to start doing is buying dry goods in bulk (like, 10kg sacks of rice or flour). If it's something that will last a long time, it would all be for me (stored properly), if it's something with a shorter shelf life, then I would see if some friends would like to share. Cheaper and less packaging, good in so many ways.


I'm another fan of Amy Dacyczyn's book. Because it was originally a newsletter, contributed to by many different people, there are some extreme and wacky suggestions but also heaps of stuff that was probably second nature to previous generations. I was able to give up my part time job and stay home with the children on the strength of her grocery shopping advice and recycling and secondhand store shopping.So it literally changed our lives.


I'm another fan of Amy Dacyczyn's book. Because it was originally a newsletter, contributed to by many different people, there are some extreme and wacky suggestions but also heaps of stuff that was probably second nature to previous generations. I was able to give up my part time job and stay home with the children on the strength of her grocery shopping advice and recycling and secondhand store shopping.So it literally changed our lives.


Hi Nicky,

Great post and very timely for us all. I love this about the blog community when you find others who are thinking along the same lines as yourself. I have a great book which I have had for many years - the More with Less cookbook by Doris Longacre. This has been an absolute staple for me and there is a great recipe for Pilgrim's Bread which I used to make regularly for the family. I see the book is still available on Amazon too. Thanks again.



I do the breadcrumb thing too. Blitz stale bread into crumbs and freeze into a big bag. keep adding to it as and when and tip out what you need - defrosts quickly! Great for breaded fish or home made chicken nuggets. Also freeze bananas that are going black - they go completely black in the freezer but can be used for banaca cake recipes where really ripe bananas are called for. Lastly, ignore use by dates and use your own judgement - we eat yoghurts way out of date. What did our ancestors do with no pre packaged food therefore no use by date?? I still waste food though and feel guilty!!


PS - Lucy Locket Pocket - don't know if you have heard of freecycle where you can give stuff away and get stuff for free, just google it and you can find your local freecycle group!

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