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Helen Lambert

Oh Nicky I know just how you feel Polly started High Schol last week and my tummy has not stopped churning worring about her in this huge school trying to find her way around. It's hard work being a Mum isnt it - and my Mum says the worry never stops! How encouraging - Love Helen


my youngest started junior school on her 8th birthday last week... it does not seem possible as i can clearly remember her first day at school(aged 4). I remember how strange it felt but i soon got used to it and i am sure you will too. Until then I think your children are in for lots of home made after school treats!!
they do look scrummy.

Denise Violet

Hello Nicky! I've just found your blog via another blog and wanted to let you know that it is SPLENDID!! Those rabbits are just so beautiful and full of character and I want one (reaching for my Christmas wish list)! Having read through various of your postings, you also have the most lovely photographs. Well done you on a top notch blog - I'll be back! Happy days. Denise

kitschen pink

Surely they'll never leave if you bake things that are so wonderful! (I'm trying the same ploy with my little man!). t.x

x vInTaGe VioLeT x

aww - it's a horrid feeling but that emptyness soon fades as you fill your day with all sorts of fantastic "you" things and i'm sure your girls understood why Mom was being "stressy"

really gorgeous cakes by the way - yummy!


Did I ask you to adopt me yet? How many cupcakes would I get to eat if you agreed to adopt me?

Kali @ Poppy Lane

I'm with Daisy, adopt me please!


.. and I am sure they will still love them and you all the more!!

I know just what you mean Nicky about missing your Mum when your children arrive at another landmark in their lives..
I would so dearly love my mother to see my son grow up.. he is such a fine lad.
I like to think my mother is up there watching me and I am sure yours is too..

Michele xx

Lee W

My five year old started all day kindergarten. When the bus came, we were just coming down the porch steps, so we ran and I popped him on the bus. Good thing, I think, because I didn't have time to get upset. I cried after he left, though!

Jane W

Its so lovely when they come home from their first days at school - they have so much to tell you!! My youngest couldn't wait to start school so she could be like her brothers (I think she walked round the house with a backpack with a lunchbox in for weeks before she actually started school - bless her!)

Cakes look lovely.

Jackie M

Your children are so lucky to have such a lovely Mum to come home to and who bakes them such beautiful cakes. Hope you feel better soon. JackieMx


I know the feeling. But I suppose you'll get used to it somewhat and are able to use your "me time" well.

Next summer dont do very much tidying up so when the kids go back you have loads to do. I am currently sorting my house out after a full one summer with the 3 kids. Jasper has just started school and was supposed to stay at home on Friday but has now asked can he go in on Friday too as he doesnt want to miss PE. Have got an emergency appt with my middle daughter tomorrow at the dentist so will be OK but dont know how I will handle next Fri. I hate them all going to school. I want to press pause! Have you seen Mamma Mia yet - if you havent there is one very poignant song that makes everyone cry in the cinema about time playing tricks on us and the children growing up. I have to skip it when I listen to the CD at home. I love the fairy cakes you made and wondered where you got your decorations from. Please could you let me know? I am planning something for my family soon and this would be just what I need to decorate the cakes to go with the surprise. I have managed to find tiny toadstool tealights (who thought of making those for goodness sake!) Love Emma x


Long may you make woodland fairy cakes for your children. My two are in their 20s/30s and birthdays wouldn't be birthdays without cakes topped with all the old 'plastic favourites' from years gone by; a good excuse to chat about all the old 'remember whens' that have occurred over the years.


You wait til you take them to Uni..that's even worse..LOL!!
But today, my son actually left Uni, after 5 years there! He's feeling quite sad! So was I, as we drove on to the Uni campus for the very last time,to fetch him.
So another door closes, he's almost 24 now and yet I still remember vividly the days when I collected him from nursery and we toddled into town together.
Being a mum is, indeed, hard work..and it lasts forever... and ever.
Having read your blog,I think I'll bake some fairy cakes for him this week ;-)
Sal xxx

kitschen pink

Hello! I am still dreaming of these cakes - I am intending to make some over the holiday! I have posted a link to this post from my blog to explain! t.x

Melony at Whimsy Daisy!

What a beautiful treat you made for them. I hope you will soon settle in and enjoy your time. Who knows what fun things lay ahead for you?

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