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Your cafe curtain looks really good!
I know Amanda very well and she always has some interesting bits on her stall,which she displays beautifuly.Oh I love the Friday Totnes market!;-)Sal


Love the curtains, I love gingham and red check, it is my favourite. I love your breakfast room too, how long did those fondant fancies stay on your cake stand? x


The more pictures of your house i see, the more beautiful i think it must be. The cup and saucer set are lovely too.
I am so jealous of your crafting, we are packed up and moving here, so i can only manage the bare minimum crochet late in the evening :( . The curtains are perfect.


How good to have a no tv week. I don't watch much these days ..i try and get a balance so the kids don't watch too much either. I love it when they take themselves off into their bedroom or in the garden and loose themselves in their imaginary play.. much better for them! I was moved by Jo's post and the video link too and it's good for us to be more conscious of those precious moments. like all your vintage finds... i love a good bargain. happy week.


Your window looks fab dressed with the gingham, what a lucky find. And the candleholder, £1 what a bargain!


oh the curtain is absolutely gorgeous, how do you do it? I'm sure the kids were glued to the box again. My 3 watched a dvd all the way home from Donegal today and were just over the moon, chuckling away.

Amanda-Shabby Chick

Oh wow!!! looks gorgeous Niki!
I knew you being such a clever girl could sort it! Its the perfect drop and size for your window. Thanks so much for taking the time to photograph it and blog about it to!
Such kind and generous comments you and the blogging world give me! I might just be joining you one day!?
Did you bump into Jane from Posy on Friday? ...she bought a pretty rosy jug from me...she doesnt need it of course, 'cos she has a very fine pair of jugs already!!!(see her post of booty from NZ!)
Anyway, it was lovely to meet you atlast and many thanks indeed for your post and purchase!
See you again soon I hope!
Love Amanda xxx

Amanda-Shabby Chick

Me again!!!
I've just noticed your clock??? ...tell me it wasn't 3.05am when you put it up!!!???
I thought that I was the only 'mad stay up late on a craft project' girl!!!
Amanda x


The French muslin curtain turned out beautifully! Looks perfect with your freshly painted cupboard.
I know Amanda - she really should have a blog, don't you think, Nicky? Amanda, if you read this......!

The candlestick was a bargian - well done!

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