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That is such a lovely piece of writing.
I look forward to meeting up with you on Friday;-) Sal


I was going to say exactly what Sal said - that you have written this so well and about your mother so movingly. Your angel still I am sure.

French Knots

I hope all our Angel Mums are getting together and having a good time. x




What a lovely post. And what kind words about your mum - I am in the mum/cancer hell at the moment. x

Lucy Locket-Pocket

What a wonderful tribute to your mum - she was obviously a very very special person. xxxx


sending you a hug today for managing to write such a difficult post.


Really, really sad for you...but so pleased that you have finally found a place where a little more of yourself is coming back to you. x


Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog. My mum has an appointment on Friday morning with the consultant. I am feeling so positive but scared that it is just fear/denial? It was such a shock on Friday (when we found out)... I never thought it would be our family.


I love that photo of you with the contact lens - its just gorgeous.
My mum is in the same place (wherever that is) and has been for 15 years now. I've never stopped missing her and I know just what you mean about feeling half a person. It does get easier to remember more of the good times and fewer of the bad (those mostly came right at the end), and I do far less crying about it all now so hang in there. The pain doesn't go away but something mellows...


Dear Nicky
I found your tag facts very comforting.. we have much in common though I wish I had a fraction of your talent for sewing and knitting..
I can empathise completely about your loss.. you summed up so perfectly the way I feel about my Mum... there isn't a day that passes that I don't think about her and miss her..
Time does heal and grief is not so raw but memories never fade.. nor should they. I am sure your dear Mum is so proud of you and she watches over you and your lovely family.



I am so blessed to have my mum.
But my gosh, are you my long lost sister?? Can i come to that dinner party? Put me right next to Jane please, and can we invite Anthea, i need her to show me that t-shirt folding trick up close.


I love what you have written. The same thing is touching our family right now, this week. So much unknown! You sum it up so well. Take care.


amazing things these blog things are... taggings, memes... you find out so much about people and it feels so good when you read that someone believes in angels and sigh with a relief "thank god I'm not the only one" :)


Oh dear, I recognize myself in number 3, 2 adolescent children, 5 cats, and a husband who works at home and you can imagine the chaos we live in sometimes.
I lost my mother to cancer when I was 15. It is harder to cope with as I get older. I want to tell her all the time that my life turned out fine, and she would have adored my children...
I like your blog a lot, by the way!

Lil' d

What a beautiful tribute to your mum.


Really enjoyed reading your random points. Number 7 made me cry, I lost my mum to cancer in 2002, she was 62. I know EXACTLY how you feel. You tend to go through moments of grief and moments of happiness in remembering the good and bad times. Thankfully we have so many happy memories, which means we will never forget our mums. x

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