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Shamelessly Sassy

The door of House #2 pretty much won me over. Also, you take lovely photos. :)


....I would go for No. 4!!!!Especially in that area!!! Would be a dream....ahhhh!!
Such lovely pictures....;-)


Lovely pics of your day.
As for my choice..hmmm..that's far too hard.
It would have to be the one with the biggest garden,that's for that one, whichever it may be!!;-)


I loved thatched roof cottages until I watched a programme the other day, where one caught fire, and it put me off :/ So I wouldn't choose any! :O
I love how you packed the picnic. It looks so fabulous!!

jenny b harris

What a fun day! Gorgeous countryside, and your photos are fantastic. Hmm... I'd have to say house number two would be my pick. The blue gate and the tumbling stream won me over. It would be a slice of heaven to be able to live there, or even just within driving distance!


Why, why oh why do I always pick the fixer-upper? I'd pick #4, but look at the roof repair and all the other work it needs!

Thanks again for your wonderful tour. I needed a little outing in the country today and am already planning one with my kiddies when I have them next weekend. I'll try to post photos as charming as yours....


Gorgeous homes, I haven't seen a thatched cottage in a looooong time! Love the shot of the sheep through the gap in the stone wall :)
House number 1 is my favourite, think it's the courtyard sparking my imagination.

Mee Crafty


It would have to be number 2.
How great would it be to have a little stream running by your house.


I am speachless....your photos are amazing. The countryside and the cottages!!! The history and character of those cottages just make them magical. Which one to choose.... that's a torturous question, hmmmmm, I love the little creek of 2, but love the shape of 4.... wouldn't it be fun to take a little bit from each one to make the perfect cottage? The photo of your little guy climbing the stone wall is a framer. :)

tracy x

hate to go against the grain but i really would not want to live in a thatched house - i would love the picnic and the blue door though


ooooh, number 4! ok, really any of them would do:o)
love your blog...


OMG, what a beautiful place! Ah, that house with the waterfall would be a dream. Thank you for sharing these.


Bagsy number 3 when I win the lottery next week (?!) What a blissful place, looks like you had a lovely day.
Stephx - fabulous basket too - we had to have our picnic in the car yesterday, Brrrrr Bank Holidays!


Number 3, they are all lovely!

the homely year

Oh, that's so difficult...but I think it would have to be number 4. They're all beautiful though! And what gorgeous photos of the flora and fauna!
Margaret and Noreen


Oh my gosh! Are those houses really real? It looks like something out of a movie!
I want to go behind that blue door and see what's there!

Rachel whitworth

OH MY GOD definitely house NO 3,just love it.You're a good play mate!

lucykate crafts...

i like the look of number 2 with the little stream running past, i think there's something soothing about living near water (but that doesn't include rain!) ; )


Awwwe...just to be able to take that drive and look at this amazing countryside and these incredible homes would be enough for me. Each one is so beautiful...I would have a hard time choosing. Thanks for the lovely photos!!!

Rosie G

Gotta be the first one, that is just wonderful. In fact they are all wonderful, can I have them all?

Rosie x


I think I have tears in my eyes. I love all of those houses so much. I would happily sleep on the front step of any of them. I don't even have to be allowed inside. Thanks for the gorgeous photos! (p.s. love your new kitty, too!)


Would have any of them but four if pushed to choose. K x


That's a tricky one... I think it would have to be the house that owns the blue garden gate.. whatever the house looked like that gate is perfect..
Stunning photos Nicky and you know how I love Dartmoor..



I'll take house number 2 thanks. That stream out the front will come in very handy for doing laundry :-)

I just ADORE English villages- not that I ever visited one, other than in my imagination.

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