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Well done! I think she will always remember this party. You made this so special for your little girl! And I LOVE the top picture with all of their little party feet in a row.... so adorable!


Oh I do love your blog! And you must be tha same age as me; learning metric AND imperial measurements at school mixed me up for life! Runner beans planted 5cm deep and 3" apart! LOL!


Fantaboulously brill! You worked so hard to make that day one to remember.
I love the runner bean idea...which reminds me...
Did you see the fruit and veg shop in Queen Street has a display of plants grown by the local schoolchildren?
(I also see that the craft shop has moved in next door!)
Have fun! Sal;-)


How great that you have a conscience, what incredible party bags. I wish i had had such a party before, very inspiring.

Lindsay XX


Looks like a fabulous day!! i will have to store some of the ideas for the future ;)

I love the bowl of party rings....I haven't had those in years!



What a fantastic 9th birthday party - I'm sure she will remember it forever - just love your pics. Thank you for sharing your wonderful day with us.

frazzy dazzles

What an amazing Mum you are building life-long memories like that! I can't tell you which bit was my favourite...It was all so fabulous! - Jen

julie haymaker thompson

thrilled to see a great use for my image. Oh how I wish I was better at photos shop, the fun stuff you can do but it take so much time and practice.wonderful job and the party looked so fun! like something right out of Mary Engelbreit's H.C. ...Julie

janet clare

looks like the party of the season!
Thanks for the shout out and I loved your recipe!


Such a fantastic party with lovely vibrant colours and not the predictable pastels. I love your party bags - you put so much thought and care into them. I bet they were very well received.


You are the party inspiration! Still don't know about the limo for my kiddo--I'm rather a mean mommy but fabulous cool ideas--what was the typeface you used for the recipe--if I may ask? The goody bag is my favorite!

Rosie G

What a wonderful party! Love the party bags.

Rosie x


Wow, what a party for Issy to remember! I am sure she felt really special with all you put into the day and evening. I love the party bags idea and the eco goodies inside. Hope you have a lovely rest over the weekend.


Good grief! A limo party at 9. My girls had to wait until they were 18 and 21 for that treat. Wonder what your girls will want by the time they are that age??!!


sounds like it was a wonderful party!!! what a lovely idea for the party bags, I may have to play with the idea for DS birthday in October xxx

Mee Crafty

Oh wow!
She must have had the best day ever.

And those party bags are brilliant!

Rachel whitworth

Bet your daughter will always remember that wonderful party!Fantastic party bag ideas,you clever thing.The party table looks so pretty!


At least with girls you get to join in .... I have one boy (and a husband) and our house is filled with the sounds of Mario World ... and I'm rubbish at it!


Such a lovely party.


Oh, what a lovely party your little girl had. So nice and sooooo sweet. And all the beautiful decoration!
Have a nice day!


What a fab party and I do love your party bags. It does seem that Limos are de rigueur when it comes to young girls and parties (In all my 41 years I've never been in one and yet my eight year old daughter has been in 2!)

Rachael Rabbit

I bow down to your greatness ;-) It simply must have been a wonderful wonderful party for your daughter - I can't imagine the memories she will have gotten from the experience - what fun (although I can understand a little bit of the shell shock - you are so brave!)


I think I need a birthday party like that for myself. Although, I will need someone else (someone as talented as you) to put the whole thing together. I think we, too could sing to Hannah Montana or High School Musical since I,unfortunately, know all of the words! It looks like a wonderful party that any little girl would love to have. Good job!


It looks like it was a fabulous party!! And I love the party bags! You are a really talented lady!


Oh my, what a FAB mummy you are, those party bags are fabulous darling, beans to grow in sweet little bags, I love it. x do u want to meet up for the film?

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