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Cherry Menlove

Oh yes, the smell of kittens is just as good as a baby at times. I smell my cat's head all the time. These pictures are precious.

Cherry xoxox


You have so got to send that second kitty photo to the "Cute Overload" blog .... see the sidebar on my blog for the link. Too cute!


Maggie is so adorable - congratulations to you!
Just been catching up with all your posts, Nicky - your photos are stunning - those thatched cottages are toooo beautiful!

Rachael Rabbit

Puppies, kittens, baby bunnies - they all smell fabulous!! Can't wait to see the other kittens too.

Jackie Morgan

Oh Nicky, Maggie is perfect, just gorgeous. Love all your recent posts, you just get better and better. Jackie Mx


soooo cute...I would want to keep them all!

It's probibly a good thing that our cat is a boy :o)



Your little kitty is beautiful!


Oh how wonderful!Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comments,I have hopped over to return the compliment,you have a lovely blog,it seems we have much in common!

frazzy dazzles

Oh yes. Maggie is definitely a keeper! Jen


OMG, she is an angel.


Oh Nicky, she's beautiful. I've got to get over and see them all. Give them a kiss from me !xx




oh gosh, how cute! don't worry, you'll have them all over the place soon. in a week they'll start venturing out and momma won't be able to stop the,. i loved it when our 4 kittens were following their, single file, all around the house,tails up and all... how cute!


oh she is sooo sweet, we had to put our cat too sleep after 17 years only a fortnight ago. We think it's too early just yet to get ourselves a new kitten, but when I see this sweetie I'm getting serious doubts!!

caniche vagabundo

So sweet!!!

caniche vagabundo

So sweet!!!


oh what a sweetie.this is how we ended up with five cats..we kept all the babies!
I always say cats and kittens smell like your pillow..but I wish I could say the same about the dog!!


awww they are so gorgeous!! I have a complete downer on my cat this week as he keeps tearing up the furniture and carpets with his claws (his now trimmed claws) but seeing Maggie just makes me remember how sweet he was when we first got him.
She is definitely a keeper.


Arthur or Martha (sorry Maggie) either way.. a gorgeous little character.. and now I think I know what my Pickles cat looked like at that age... he is still adorable at the age of 7 but that's cats.. I love em !


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