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And I completely agree about the smell of kittens, actually nicer than babies I think as I had a childhood of kitten hunting and playing amongst trees, and with a pony. No younger siblings with their smells, just older ones! So kittens get my vote!

frazzy dazzles

The bunnies are lovely! Good luck with them in etsy - Jen


I absolutely love your bunnies. I can't wait until the time is right and one of them can come to my house!


They are beautiful, Nicky! Sal;-)


I'm loving Blossom's vintage fabric dress! Very Cath Kidston!


Penelope is coming to stay with me! Whoopee!!!

Michele C

I never tire of seeing your new bunnies. They are so adorable. My little one sits on my desk next to me while I work. I did love the little boys you made last batch.
-- Michele


Your little girls are absolutely beautiful!

Jackie Morgan

Oh Nicky, they are gorgeous, I have a compulsive desire to keep buying more! Looking forward to Bunty arriving to join the others.Love the post below also, it made me think of marbles, jacks and hopscotch, french skipping and bouncing along on my space hopper pretending it was a horse!! Jackie Mx


Bah one of these days I'm going to be able to afford to buy one of your bunnies and when I do I'll be right at the front of the queue pushing everyone aside in true ladylike fashion!!
Gorgeous as always!!


Your bunnies are SO sweet! Just adorable!

the homely year

Gorgeous bunnies...I love their little knitted jackets and colourful flowery outfits.
Margaret and Noreen


Your bunnies are so cute as your new kitten. I was planning on maybe adopting a bunny but I will have to wait. I just lost a very expensive pair of sunglasses. And now I do not feel it appropriate to adopt one at this time. Plus the fact they are all sold.They are precious and I can understand why they go so fast. Your very talented.

chelsea Ann

Your blog is amazing... as is all your happy fuzzy creations! Just can't believe I've never been here before!

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