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It's wonderful! What beautiful work.

Whatever is that adorable fabric with the lady feeding the chickens???


I love the quilt. It's so beautiful. I have the red apple fabric and you've inspired me to put it into a quilt!

janet clare

that looks great! There is an old patchwork tradition of deliberately making a small mistake so as not to rival God's perfection- I never bother making one intentionally, as they come naturally to me.


It's a beautiful quilt. I love the mixture of fabrics.


Oh that's so beautiful! I love the chickens fabric and all the colours are perfect together..glad you're feeling better, that lurgy sounded nasty! x


Love the quilt,very pretty and such beautiful colours too!Hope you are all feeling better soon.
Rachel x

Annabel Wynne

Beautiful! :) x


It looks fab! well done. Love the pictoral fabric with the little house and lady on.



A Thrifty Mrs

I do hope you're feeling better?
Great quilt.


Oh my word, this was your first attempt? It looks perfect! Really beautiful - I love the combination of red and white together - really pretty.


This is lovely! Has an air of spring about it. I love the fabric square with the chickens! Sorry to hear you've had the nasty bug at your house too. It is definitely doing the rounds. Hope all the bugs leave for a long while now. X

Trailing Mira

I too am loving the chickens! not to mention the apples. You did a great job with this.... perhaps I will also have to tackle my first quilt (not until after I get through the upcoming weeks of new house/painting/moving though!).

Elizabeth Yule

What a fabulous first attempt - it looks absolutely stunning.

Helen Lambert

Hope you feel better soon...we have all had it too..the cover list at work is onto 3 pages with everyone the quilt...H


It's just lovely!

Tilly Rose

Hi Nicky,

Lovely Quilt, I once made a full sized double bed quilt in all browny.creamy colours which took pride of place on my bed for 2 years, now, all changed in the bedroom and the cat sleeps on it in the shed.... what a shame !!!

I have a well earned award for you.....


Rachael Rabbit

Simply gorgeous!


That is one beautiful quilt. The little imperfections make it perfect. ;)


Those fabrics are to die for and the way you arranged them is brillant. I love this and I am glad she is enjoying it. That always makes a mama happy.


Your quilt turned out just gorgeous! All of the fabrics are amazing. Your daughter is sure to treasure it always. I also love the painted white floors in the picture! x


That quilt is so pretty! Actually your first photo is beautiful with the wicker chair...the little teddy bear on the shelf...the teacup and saucer on the magazines. Looks like it belongs in a Country Living magazine!!!

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