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The most stylish wedding I've ever seen - everyone looks so wonderfully happy. All best wishes to them and your family. What a delightful way to see in the New Year.

I do so admire your mosaics - beautiful.


What a beautiful wedding. I love the pictures. My favorite one is the hands behind the back...


What a lovely looks very magical! Mexico is such a beautiful country so I am sure that they will have a lovely time! x

frazzy dazzles


kitschen pink

Oh what a beautiful wedding and SUPERB photoes! Mexico - how awful - what dreadful start to the year - oh no! We wouldn't want to do that at all - what? And miss all this freezing cold, grey, damp weather?! Never! t.xx


Gorgeous photos Nicky! Have you ever thought about becoming a prof. wedding photographer? They truly are magical shots - well done!
Congratulations to the happy (and VERY stylish) couple!
Niki x


Oh wow - stunning! And that necklace is fabulous!! What a prefect New Year you must have had. The pictures are wonderful.


Ooh seeing Wedding pics just makes me soooo excited. Mine is two months today!! Looks like this one was a beautiful Wedding. Love the bouquet. I still have to decide on mine. There's a girl in the confetti throwing photo who looks just like a friend of my Sisters. I'll have to get my Sis to have a look at this and tell me if it is her.


wow, what a beautiful girl and such a gorgeous wedding,Karena's outfit is simply stunning and your photos are beautiful Nicky.

I'm currently ploughing through our washing pile's never ending!!


How lovely, and she is indeed very beautiful.
They both look very happy!
(and the photos are awsome)
I've beer reading your blog for a while, and I'm very smitten by your bunnyrabbits would it be OK for me to borrow a picture and post in my blog?
Of course I'll link to your blog or shop if you like.


Beautiful wedding photos,love the brides necklace too!What a lovely day!
Rachel x


Hi nicki, what a gorgeous wedding, very stylish the couple look so happy. I am glad to hear that I am not the only person to have a huge post christmas laundy pile! Kathyx

Jessica Rae

That is a STUNNING wedding. I'm sorting my laundry right now :D The People's Choice Awards are on, at least.


Beautiful photos. You're like me...I'd rather be doing laundry and cleaning the house than doing something really exciting like travel to exotic places!!!Really?


The photo's are beautiful...looks like you had a wonderful day. :)

Money Funk

Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Do you take all the pics on your site. They are fantastic wedding photos! What a beautiful wedding. Highly jealous! lol!

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Angela Watson

I am a wedding planner in Canada, and I LOVE these pictures! Absolutely stunning!

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The couple is looking like a perfect match. That white necklace on the neck of bride is adding more passion to her beauty.

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