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Rest assured - you are not alone in thinking about Christmas already!
I almost always start thinking about it very early and then fail to do anything about it. This year though - I have already bought my fella's Christmas present - from an artist in Gettysburg though Etsy (bizarre for me as I'm in Macclesfield!) and I am almost too excited to keep it secret for 6 months!


Oh golly, no, I have to wait until it feels all cold and gloomy. My three sisters and I all have birthdays in November and I just can't think about xmas until after then. Good on you for getting organised though, I'm a real last minute merchant at everything!
Hen x


Yes I've been planning Christmas presents - but that is because I'm ALWAYS late, and have to send mine 12,000 miles!

Clare Powell

Far too organised! I do start to think about it but then actually get around to doing something around Oct!!I did find some lovely cards in the sale though...just need to remmeber where I put them!


Ah.. you are not alone with thoughts turning to the festive season.. I am awash with Santa's, Reindeer and Snowmen... new card designs.. and of course goodies for the V & H fair....
Enjoy the summer while it lasts Nicky.. it is turning out to be a beauty!

Michele xxx


I LOVE your blog....every single time I come to visit it gives me a smile....everything is just so darn HAPPY! Love your cornflowers!

Bless you!


I often plan far ahead - at the moment though i'm planing for the boys birthdays and our holiday in august - but as soon as thats over i'll be getting set for halloween and x'mas!

Moyra Costello

I love the cornflowers - they give a real feel of midsummer.

I am envious of your bedtime reading as well. Time to dig out some of my knitting books tonight!

Anne Donald

I love the cornflowers - but I refuse to think about Christmas yet!!!

Sarah - Jane down the lane

Look how joyous your dresser looks! I must spice up mine it needs some bunting too! Gorgeous cornflowers, reminds me of the colour of beloveds eyes x


of course, I love planning ahead! I like to sit in the sunshine and daydream (usually with autumn winter Boden catalogue in hand) about winter coats and boots.
I also have a very special little boys birthday just days before Christmas so it pays to be organised x

Shin Ae

Yes! I have been itching to start Christmas gifts! Must do the wedding gifts, first, though. Oh, and the baby gifts...
Never mind, looks as if I'll be starting Christmas things at about the same time as usual.

Helen Lambert

I bought some of my christmas presents at the Ck sale last weekend and have started buying and making you are not H


The flowers look great and I love love love that container. I moved down to the Southern Hemisphere a few years ago and miss the winter Christmas - maybe I should plan one for now! Mid winter Christmas, anyone? :)

Mr W

Hi Mum,

We are looking at your blog on Mr Walkers laptop.

Lauren x

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