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Hi Nicky, It was lovely to meet you and your daughter and of course all the wonderful creatures on your stand!

Can I borrow your pictures of my stand as my photographs are so terrible?

Oh and send me your address so I can send you a copy of the card that was inspired by your teddies.

i'm still on a high from such a great day! love Claire x


It looks wonderful! You all are really such a talented bunch of ladies!


It all looks so wonderful, please do it again next year so i can come!!!
Love the little story about Mabel x


Oh, I can understand how you must have felt a it tearful when Mabel came to see you with her rabbit as I felt like that just reading your story! Your pictures are wonderful (as usual you are obviously a very talented photographer as well as bunny maker!) The photos don't do your stall justice and I notice it was decidedly emptier than the photos show at the end of the day. Well done you! Bit sad now that I managed zero shopping but the day itself was grand!
Hen x

kitschen pink

Wonderful pictures Nicky. So nice to see all the colour and creativity. Your stall looked beautiful once again. Shows your eye for detail perfectly. Well done you and well done Issy! Tea and cake is very important! t.x

Sue Hall

You stall looks SO much fuller in the pictures than when I saw it at 1pm.

I was torn between buying a doll off Niki or the gorgeous teddy on the middle of the ladder on your stall, your lovely daughter let me hold her, the doll won.....but only because I had already fallen in love with Little Rosie on your blog shop (which I have just ordered). Unfortunately, I can't have all three!!

Glad to hear you had such a good day.

Sue xx

Clare Powell

Hi Nicky,
It was lovely to see you and your daughter on Saturday ( she looked beautiful in that hat!)...I'm saving my pennies for one of your bears! Hope to catch up with you soon.


Hi Nicky, it was so lovely to meet you on Saturday,your bunnies and bears are just gorgeous,I can see you sold lots, as your stall wasn't as full when I reached it.I'm saving my pennies for a little bunny.For myself!
Your daughter was doing a great job as your little helper!
You took amazing photos of the fair too, capturing it in all its glory!
Rachel x


That looks like a fabulous time, I am totally jealous! : )


It was a great day wasn't it?
Your stall looked gorgeous too!
Your daughter is lovely.I'm sure she was a great help to you!


Helen Lambert

I am so jealous everything looks glad you all had a fantastic day....did any of you litle friends come home? love H


Hi Nicky, it was lovely to meet you too. Both Mum and I were really touched that you remembered she had been unwell - that was so nice of you. So glad you had a fantastic day - we certainly throughly enjoyed ourselves.


Hi Nicky

It was lovely to see you again. Hope you'll be at the next one!! Super piccies - blankets and threads from Vintage to Victorian, not Lucy Bloom, but who cares!!!!

Sue xx


What lovely pictures and story! Congratulations to you all.

Sam Neville

Apologies first off If I appear at all gushy, but your stand looks beautiful. I have been a vintage magpie follower for a couple of years now, and I luckily adopted one of your darling rabbits last year which I treasure (I do have to hide him from my cat silkie as she likes to pounce and bite his ears!)

Your toys are... well.. stunning, I don't know what else to say!

Love and best wishes

Sam xx


It was great to meet you, I like the photo of your very full stall..... it wasn't like that when I found you!!!
It was a great day, hope it was a success for you :)


Hi Nicky,
Wasn't it just a fabulous day? It was so lovely to finally meet you in person - I knew you were going to be the wonderful lady that you are! (And your daughter is so adorable too!)
Thank you for adding the photos to your blog - I didn't really find the time to take many with my camera...I can't wait till the next one...but I do think this last fair will be talked about for sometime to come yet....

Niki x


Your stall looked fabulous & I see that lots of bunnies went off to new homes!
It was lovely to have you there & your gorgeous daughter too.
Better get those bunnies breeding for the Christmas Fair!



eeek! well done you! such a pretty display of handmade goodies - oh how I wish I could have wondered around there!



oh i feel totally sick to the bottom of my disapointed tummy..

I'm in Lydney, Glos. and I totally missed this..

will there be another oone?

Millie x

Helen Charlton

Oh it looks yummy! I wish you wern't so far away. Gorgeous photo's too.


It was so good to see you Nicky and your lovely family of bunnies and last but not least, your daughter, who is delightful...
I am holding the bunny to ransom that I brought back for my friend's daughter .. It will be a hard job parting with her..
Looking forward to the next .... not wanting to wish the summer away.. I can't wait until November!!


Annabel Wynne

Hi Nicky,
I will show Mabel your blog entry when she gets home from school - she will be thrilled! We loved meeting you and your daughter on Saturday; your stall was beautiful (although practically empty by the time we got there at lunchtime - well done you!) and I am now in love with Mavis the elephant! Mabel wrote in her 'news' at school yesterday that she had taken Mabel Bunny to the Vintage Fair to 'meet her maker' (yes, she actually used that phrase!) - it made her day too, so thank you.
As for whether Mabel Bunny behaved herself on the way home, well, you know what those rabbits you make are like - chatter chatter chatter! :)
Thanks again Nicky,
Annabel (Mabel's Mummy!) xx


Thanks for sharing the link to the fair. I was there in spirit but at home in Canada enjoying the pictures for afar. Your stall looks beautiful!


Gorgeous photo's, thanks for sharing them with those of us who couldn't make it

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