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What a beautiful shop. I love the photo of the flowers in pot, and especially the one of Tilly!


What a lovely shop!

Victoria x

kitschen pink

LOVE that little curvy topped dressers. Oh and that haberdashery unit! Oh what I wouldn't give to live amongst old shop fittings. Not a shop mind. Oh no. I could never sell any of those scrummy dumptious things. I'd just put them in and out of the trays and smile at them! t.x


Such a lovely shop, I bet you spend ages in there! I've just had a mooch about the website too! More Gorgeousness, your bunnies would fit perfectly into Sara's shop,nestled between all those lovely vintage goodies, just a thought!
Rachel x

Anne Donald

What a wonderful shop - I think I would spend all my pocket money in there!!


It looks marvelous. Thanks!


I think I would like to live in that shop x

Clare Powell

Lovely shop..I bet it's difficult not to make too many purchases!Have a good week
Clare x


I love that shop too. It always gets my heart and mind racing when I go there. The colours are gorgeous, the designs and inspiration to die for... I wish I could just transport the whole lot back into my house... bliss!!
Thanks for the reminder, will pop over again soon.

Yvonne xx


What a lovely visit I just had! T hankyou for the gorgeous tour. I especially enjoyed patting Tilly on the way out

Zoe, Conversation Pieces

Lovely... looks more like someone's house than a shop!


What a gorgeous shop, thanks for sharing the photos


How gorgeous, i can see why you love it. x

Helen Lambert

what a wonderful shop..I will put it on my list of places to go when we visit in H


Oh those pics have just made me smile a lot! What a gorgeous shop. I bet everybody gasps as they walk in I have a curved top dresser the same as the lemon painted one waiting painting, I had decided on a i'm not sure the lemon is delicious :)

Helen Charlton

Ooooooh, Ahhhhhhhhhh, Eeeeeeeeh, I have just made lots of rather unseemly noises all the way through looking at that gorgeous shop. WOW


Oh my good heavens.... I LOVE this store!! I've been away from my computer and am just catching up on your wonderful blog. So much beauty in each post. Each picture of this shop is like a dream come true. I think I'd want to hide in there until the shop was closed, and then have a great slumber party playing with all of the goodies!! xo


This shop is stunning!!! I wish we would have a shop like this here in Germany. And I wish I had enough money to buy all these treasures. Sooooo lovely!


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