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Anne Donald

Give James a hug from me - I remember all too well the misery of tonsillitis - I had it at least once a year as a child (yet I still have my tonsils!) The best thing for it (apart from amoxicillin) is ice cream, closeley followed by hot Ribena with a big spoonful of honey in it.

kitschen pink

Your weekend plans sounds perfect! Hope all the little people are feeling better soon! t.x


Oh Dear, not a good week,hope everyone is feeling better soon and you have much nicer weekend! Love the fabric happy knitting and enjoy your magasine!
Rachel x

Sue Hall

I hope everyone feels better soon, have a lovely weekend, you deserve it.

Sue xx

Clare Powell

What a horrid week..a well deserved G+T needs to be on the list too! Hope next week is better.


Sweet yarn and a good mag is always a good way to drown your sorrows.
Happy weekend x


I'm looking forward to a chilled weekend too. What is it with some weeks?!


I am sorry you have had challenges this week but if your weekend goes according to plan it sounds amazing! : )

janet clare

well, things can only improve by the sounds of things!

I'm hoping to go strawberry picking this weekend.


Hugs, I hope that the small people are all feeling better soon. Your weekend plans sound perfect to me


wow, that sure is a lot to take on in one week. Hope everyone recovers soon. Will James have his tonsils out if this keeps up? When I was a kid in the 50's my sister had tonsillitis and they decided to take mine out at the same time. Now they don't do that. Your flowers are beautiful, hope you get the time to enjoy them. Have a good restful weekend

Nell Ward

Oh what an idyllic weekend you have planned! I'm just hoping for a break in the weather and an hour or two of child free time. Anything else is a bonus!


So sorry about your week - hope everyone recovers soon! At least those little toes have a nice spot under that beautiful blanket. Have a restful weekend.

Helen Charlton

It always comes in 3's so, break a match, and it can all go back to normal. Have a restful weekend.

Helen Lambert

My week was not a good one either ...for different reasons....I hope your babies are feeling better soon...its awful when they are are we getting rain or sun this week...its a real weather lottery these days...wellies or sun specs?

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