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kitschen pink

"an unread book is no more than a block of wood".... I've been ripping and clipping for years.... of course once all the walls are full you can start on the ceiling! Looking fantastic so far! t.x


I also agree!!!! This looks beautiful!!! Great idea.......:)


Looks great! :)


Nooo I cannot rip!
We were talking at the weekend about a stool a friend and I had seen in a magazine which had been covered in comics and varnished. I do not think my daughter will let me near her Beano's either!
Love the Union Jack bunting x


I will have to get ripping..I have so many mags which I can't bear to throw you've hit upon a great idea there!
I just need to find wall space now!!

Anne Donald

What a good idea! I cut recipes out of magazines, which then get put in a drawer in the utility room and forgotten about. Of course the intention is to stick them in a book (I have the book) - maybe one day!!


oooh i love that, i kind of have the same, but no where as big - fantastic!


I think it looks great I have a scrap book that I fill with inspirational bits and bobs but I'm liking your idea more.


very pretty idea, it looks lovely.

Helen Charlton

Absolutly fantastic . . . . . . Thats all i can say!!

Sarah-Jane Down the lane

Wow, picturetastic! It looks beautiful and collagey all at the same time! I used to cover all my school books with inspirational scraps......aahh, takes me back. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon x


Well done. Your studio looks really good, full of inspiration :) And the doggy photo is amazing.

French Knots

looks brilliant, very inspiring.Not sure I could tear up my Country Livings though - have years and years worth just sitting on the shelf so I should take the plunge!

Simply Vintagegirl

Adorable! Those vintage vintage poms poms add such a cute touch!

Mummy Boo Bear

wow you have inspired me! I too have started another collection of housey mags.(a guilty pleasure because they are not cheap!) I have a spare/craft room with quite bare walls. Although I think my hubby would "metaphorically" kill me if i put them on our walls as we only decorated last year I am thinking a nice sized hardboard. And of course another good reason to keep purchasing those mags! lol.

Lovely picture of you little doggie too. This is such a lovely blog.



It looks great!
My favourite part of getting a new magazine is that I get to tear out the pages of another for my scrap book. I only keep 12 months worth of any magazine so when I've read a mag I decide which years I prefer and tear up my least favourite. Then when my pile of scraps gets big enough I give myself the luxury of a few hours and a glue stick. Perfect!


It looks gorgeous, what a great idea

I completely get where your coming from here! I love ripping good time too!

Helen Lambert

Hi, that looks great..I have a similar thing going on at work in front of my work space...I also used to have a section of my kitchen cupboards with postcards which I glued on and varnished, people used to love looking at it...I wonder if you could use wall paper I the Helen that sent the pom poms? I know I have some very similar ones...if so I am so glad you like them and they are happy on your wall...looking forward to october...H

sheila jones

A great idea indeed! Just being able to see those images everyday will be so inspiring. Now I have enough magazines stashed away here to cover many walls so what am I waiting for.......



Hi Nicky,
This is my second comment - I don't understand where they go!!
I think your wall looks fantastic - I would spend a great deal of time just dreaming instead of sewing.
Hope the family are all well,

Linda R

WOW! Is all I can say. I love it.


Wow it looks totally beautiful. I always have ripped my magazines apart but mine then get stuck into folders and scrap books to create inspiration books. This looks so much better though.

Rachel L

What a fantastic idea! It looks amazing!

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