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"The Far Pavillions" or "Shadow of the Moon" by MM Kaye - either of these books will whisk you away to India, with glorious, evocative writing and un-put-downable stories
Or - if you fancy adventure, pirates, Scottish hillsides and a brand new America just being discovered - try "Salute to Adventureurs" by John Buchan

Clare Powell

'The Kite Runner' is super or 'There's something about Kevin' if you fancy something dark. I'm in a book club too but we always end up drinking and gossiping rather than really talking about the book!!


I have not had time to read books so I am hooked on audio. My PT Cruizer has both cd & cassette player. I listen to a book a week on my commute. I would have to recommend Life of Pi by Yann Martel and The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. Waiting in my library to listen too are some classics. The Count of Monte Cristo by Duman & Crime & Punishment by Dostoevsky. Books I read in school so it will be interesting to see how I feel about them 40+ years later.
My favorite book when I was 13 was The Gold Bug by Edgar Allen Poe. I must have read it 2-3 x. I just found this online
It is a wonder I could read it at all, scanning it now it is do dated by the change in the world. I was hooked by the hunt.


One of the most beautifully written books I've had the pleasure of picking up lately is "The Shifting Fog" - known in the UK as "The House at Riverton" by Kate Morton, who hails from Queensland as I do. It is a story set in the present, yet told in flashbacks, by the protagonist.
I was utterly captivated by Morton's wonderful vocabulary and her turn of phrase - it was one of the most readable and not-put-downable novels I've held lately. It has won some prizes around the world, and this feature often puts off people who are after the true 'literary' experience in a novel (as opposed to the 'popular'), but it is such a beautiful book I'm sure you and your book club would just love it!! Even if it doesn't get a vote, buy it anyway - you will love it!
Oh, and I read Peter Mayle's Provence book a few years ago, and remember exactly what you mean - it is just wonderful, and all you want to do is go and live in France! Unfortunately, the sequel isn't as good, but you've now whet my appetite to re-read the first one again. Happy reading Nicky!

julie jobson

Just to let you know if you don't already,there is a sequal to " A Year In Provance ". sorry i cannot remember the title but i know there is one.

Tracy Roe

Hi Nicky,

The Book Thief is a good read and makes you think about life in Germany during World War II from the perspective of ordinary people. It doesn't portray all Germans as Nazis and I liked that.

Kate Mosse had good things to say about Twilight on radio 4 last night... She almost convinced me to try it!

Hope you find some good reads,


What a gorgeous post, and what an amazing spot to sit and read your book. Thanks for sharing. Lucy x


You could try The Mitford Girls by Mary S Lovell. difficult to believe that this family was not a work of fiction. I was riveted and learnt so much about 20th Century history while I was at it.

Helen Lambert

You shouldnt have said that goes....a thousand days in venice Marlena De Blassi, Lollypop shoes Joanne Harris, A Gathering Light Jennifer Donnelly, Fiday night knitting club, Kate avis, (very very sad) 'Small Island' cant remember who by, 'learning to swim', cant remember (sorry) for starters!!!! love H

Suzy's Vintage Attic

Hello Nicky

What a lovely place to go to, I could do with going somewhere like that now and sit and read a book! I agree with Sally The Mitford Girls is an interesting book to read!
Isabelle x


Hi Nicky
I liked the komandant's girl too although i think it ended a bit quick, i sort of wanted to know if she made it to jacob ok and what happened to them! a second hand book shop has opened up near to us with all books £1.00 there are some classics there, i could spend hours just mooching!
your photos look like you could be abroad!
felicity xx

Anne Donald

Two thought-provoking books -'Black and Blue' by Anne Quindlen and 'This Charming Man' by Marian Keyes. When I lived in Indonesia, our bookclub almost came to blows over 'Black and Blue'! Also anything by Harlan Coben, Nicci French, Val McDermid, Karen Slaughter ...... (I would read the back of the cornflakes packet if I didn't have a book!)

Mummy Boo Bear

That sounds the most dreamy way of indulging of my most favourite past time. Such gorgeous pictures too.

I have two awards for you on my blog.



There is a follow up to Komandant's Girl which is about Marta enjoyed the first one and recommend the second.

Also Jennifer Worth has three books about being a midwife, have read them all now and they're all very interesting, particularly as my dad's family all come from this area originally.

Jenny Downham's 'Before I Die' is very moving if you haven't read it- lots of emotional stuff about life and living as the main character Tessa is terminally ill. One of those books aimed at teenagers but they seem to have packaged it for adults too.

Nell Ward

Can thoroughly recommend "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen. Anything by Australian author Tim Winton, and an oldie but a goodie is "The English Patient".

Jill B

There are so many great books by Peter Mayle! Aside from the Provence books, his novels are great (especially Hotel Pastis) and his non-fiction French Lessons: Adventures with Knife, Fork and Corkscrew is fantastic, but I warn you, it will make you sooooo hungry! Enjoy and bon appetit!

viv sliwka

A little change of subject here.....but I wanted to congratulate you Nicky on one of the most beautiful blogs I have the pleasure of reading. Visually inspiring, stunning photography, oh so beautiful in so many ways. Your creativity makes my heart ache.
YOU are lovely too, even with folks who have sausages for fingers and inadvertantly smash the props ;-) x


last summer, whilst camping, i read 'The Forgotten Garden' by Kate Moreton... i couldn't put it down...lots of stories over 3 generations and secrets to discover too... thoroughly reccomend it.


What a beautiful view!

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