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The charming-ness factor here is beyond the roof! :) That series of playfully, sweetly wonderful shots put a mile-wide smile on my face, thank you! :)

Wishing you a fantastic weekend,
♥ Jessica

Sam Neville

Oh goodness me....

She is adorable!!



She is so lovely x


Too cute!!
I bet it will be hard to part with Enid!

Sue Hall

Just TOO cute for words..........

Sue xx

Clare Powell

If you looked up 'adorable' in the dictionary there would be a little picture of Enid!

Helen Charlton

Cute beyond belief!! you introduced her so beautifully.


What a wonderful way to introduce us to such a sweetie.


Anne Donald

Wonderful photos to cheer up a wet and windy day!

Mummy Boo Bear

How absolutley wonderful! Beautiful Enid Beautiful pictures and charmingly introduced. That put a smile on my face.

And as I have been in a grump this week also i know just how she feels.



I wish there weren't this little money conversion problem -- the dollar doesn't do too well against your pound. :( Otherwise I'd grab Enid in a heartbeat! I've been eyeing her forever! Sorry Enid. :(

Helen Lambert

What a wonderful way to introduce your new creations and show their personality...Enid is lovely, she reminds me of my dads cousin enid who is also very shy....

April Dawn

Enid is precious! I just love your creations! They leave me waiting to see what you come up with next!


Hi Nicky

Well that was another fabulous tale. Loved it! I'm sure you and Enid won't need to play many games of patience before she's adopted.

Sue x

Sarah-Jane Down the lane

Oh Enid, now that you have made your debut on the world stage I do hope you are feeling much more chipper!Over here, down the Lane we think you are the prettiest ellie x

Jackie M

What a brilliant post Nicky, I loved it, what a great book you could write and illustrate. Enid is adorable and I am sure she will find a lovely new home very quickly. I've just moved back to Brighton and all my Vintage Magpie friends have settled into our new home very well.
Love JackieM xx


Enid is adorable and whoever snaps her up is so much more than lucky! I loved her little debut... the pictures are gorgeous.


You have a wonderful blog !! greetings from Holland from Danielle


Beautiful photos and sweet story! When is the book coming out? You really have a gift for writing and there is no reason you couldn't be the 21st century Beatrix Potter.


The first picture of Enid made my heart go twang! She's absolutely adorable. I hope she finds a new home soon.

Take care,



Oh, your work and blog are wonderful! I added your blog into my blog´s favorites, I hope it´s OK?

Many sunny greetings from Finland!



The baby elephant so cute..

Global city condo 

so lovely.. i like his color..


Enid is adorable! Do you think Enid might have a twin sister? I'm really hoping she does, because then I could buy her! Would Enid have a long-lost twin sister? Please, please let her have a long-lost twin!
Vanessa xxx

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