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What a beautiful, beautiful story and so brilliantly told! I think I might need to save my pennies for one of your lovely creations!


What a lovely story,they are both utterly gorgeous!
Rachel x

Mrs Bun

You old softie, such a beautiful story you had me reeled in hook, line and sinker. If I had any pennies I would have bought the pair straight away to keep them together. They are truly beautiful bears and worth every penny Nicki. Hope they go to the right home.

Lisa x


This was such a lovely post with such evocative pictures. Have you thought of doing a book using your bears and rabbits as models? Thank you for such a beautiful story.


kitschen pink

Oh I do hope they are allowed to stay together. Will you tell us the next installment of their story? perhaps if they go to different homes they could meet up once a year for jam sandwiches and cockles on the seafront at Morecombe.. t.x

Clare Powell

What a lovely story! I'm so glad they ended up together it was obviously fate!!
Clare x


gorgeous post. lovely photos and story!! xx


Oh my goodness It never ceases to amaze me your talent. I do have one of your bunnies that I have adopted but I so want a bear. I just have not got the money but I love just looking at them. Love this post the photographs are amazing thank you so much for sharing them x

Sue Hall

I'm so glad Edna is going to a new home with Frank her knight in shining armour by her side.

Sue xx

Helen Lambert

oh no...I was going to ask if I could buy them both when I saw the post at wok but I am not allowed to comment..the network wont let me...oh well, maybe next H


What a lovely story, and how wonderful that they're not to be parted!

Also loved your tractor story!

Sue xx


Are those hang tags from primters? They make the best cards to use for business purposes of all types!


And now my comment to say that was such a cute, quick little story with the pictures that you should make it into a little book just the way it is! : )


C'est tout à fait Magnifique ...
Quelle poésie dans ces photos !
En couleurs ou en noir et blanc !!
Wonderful pictures in colors or white and white ...
Congratulations !

Sam Neville

your bears and photographs are Beautiful!
I would love to do an illustration of them!

Sam xx


I always knew that Frank was a hero. I hope they will be very happy together!


What wonderful vignettes. They remind me of the book, The Lonely Doll. Have you seen it? I just posted some scans at


I think your sewing days could move aside whilst you pen a book about this adorable couple...

Michele x

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