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Marilyn Pruett

Oh my goodness, what a fabulous place that looks. So pretty and cheerful, just the place to get inspired. Congratulations and all the luck in the world. I love your little creatures, they make me smile every time I see them.
Marilyn in Virginia

Hi, well done you, I’m sure… in fact I know you will do well!!! I met you at the fair; you and your daughter were so lovely. But most of all your bears are beautiful. I can’t wait to see more.

I will have to try and pay you a visit as May could do with a friend. :0)

Good luck…love Lou xxx


Congratulations and best wishes for your venture!


Your studio is so utterly sweet - it reminds me of the Bagpuss shop!
I 'attempt' to work from home but it stretches multi-tasking to the limit - trying to work with all the other demands of home and family ... so nice to have defined boundaries.


WoW Nicky, such wonderful news!How lovely to have your own studio! I know what you mean about stuff taking over the house, mine does the same, and I feel like I'm always apologising!Your bunnies look so cute peeping out of the window, oh won't it be gorgeous at Christmastime! I'm so excited for you!
Rachel x


How fab - good luck to you. We have family friends in Chudleigh - i'll let them know and they can spread the word!!!


Oh well done you. That is the perfect location for you and your gorgeous creations. I wish you many happy hours working and selling in your lovely little studio.

Sue xx

i wish you all the luck & happiness in the world in your new little studio!! it is so sweet & ideal for displaying your wonderful creations,i still want a 'rupert' (saving up)!!
look forward to seeimg further pics! xx


Oh, sweet Serendipity! Whole hearted wishes for a happy swim.


How wonderful! I hope it all goes well for you. It looks like a wonderful place to have a studio.


Oooh, Nicky, that's fab, such great news for you, well done on taking that step. I can understand the nerves, it's a big thing to do but I am sure it will work out brilliantly. The studio looks so cute too, perfectly suited to your work. Now, where's that mapbook so I can find out how to visit you! Best of luck.
Hen x


This is SO EXCITING - wishing you the very best of luck, (can't wait to see more pics)


now that is very exciting nicky! so great to have a little window display area too and even better to avoid the washing piles!.. i am now lucky to have a garden studio, though i do miss the shared one i used to have with alice... the only downside to my space now is that i have to walk through the kitchen and past the dirty dishes to get to it..
enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!!


I think your store/workshop looks beautiful. I just wanted to say a big congratulations and good luck.


Nicky your workshop looks absolutely wonderful! Isn't fate great! Congratulations - I'm sure that you and all your companions will have a wonderful time working there.


That is so exciting.How perfect is that studio? I hope it all goes really well for you.

Sarah - Jane down the lane

Gosh Nicky, this is so wonderful!
It is going to be amazing, amazing I just know it. I can imagine how you are busting to personalise the space, and I am really looking forward to seeing it evolve.


P.S. I am liking the purple in a strange retro kind of way!

P.P.S I would definately like to be someone who pops in!


What wonderful news... I'm just a little envious!

julie jobson

Hi from the other side of the world, well you are living every crafters dream, congrats i know you will be a success Julie

Tilly Rose

How fab for you, no wonder you need a drink ....i wish you such good luck and if u ever need a counter assistant then im your lady !!!!

Take Care



Your studio looks fabulous, and what a gorgeous view down the courtyard. Wishing you every success in your new venture.

sheila c. titcombe

Congratulations Nicky, will visit your shop when next down in Devon .... that is a promise .... get the kettle on girlie

Dianne Hadlock

What a perfectly wonderful place for your very special shop. I will be thinking of it all day; and how in the world am I going to get across the Atlantic at least twice a week to see all of your wonderful creations?!! Congratulations.....Dianne


Congratualtions are your new creative space. Please no more sleepness nights. all will be well. I can hardly wait to see inside. Take care.


congratulations on your new work space,hope everything goes well for you.

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