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Aaaaarrrrggghhh, I want that little kitty. Boys birthday parties, horrendous, I agree. Harry only has 6 or so friends but it feels like it's 36. Noise levels, oh yes, truly awful. We were on holiday for his birthday this year so I've escaped the party. It looks like your little one enjoyed himself anyway!
Hen x

Bless them our little furry friends.they always have to sit on something comfy dont they i.e the sofa or armchair?!!
we have to fight for somewhere to sit,this morning tai our cat is on the sofa & os on the armchair!!
what cushy lives they have! xx

sheila c. titcombe

Wow, this little black & white beauty could be a twin for my *favourite* cat named Emily. He is so cute ... are you keeping him Nicky?

Sarah - Jane down the lane

Happy Birthday mini magpie man!

Kitten joy! I imagine your kitten's commentary to go something like this "Brilliant game....... who me?"

Sarah x


The boys party shocked me too after having two girls before. Glad you enjoyed it all. The kitten is too cute.


Oh if only I had seen those you know why I had that large bag with me...with a special kitten sized pocket to sneak them back to Yorkshire...I have my eye on janes kitties too...I loooooove cats...

Clare Powell

Oh that kitten has the sweetest face! why has noone adopted him? give him a snuggle from me!


Glad to hear you have survived - and that kitten is just gorgeous - will he be for sale at the Vintage and Handmade Fair...?


Ha! I told my husband about this post! We have two sons and the house is always a disaster area after their birthday parties, yet we do them at home again year after year! I guess it's like having a baby. You forget about the pain!!!

Oh that little kitty is ADORABLE!!
Warm 'Witchy'Wishes,
Cally x


What cuties - both human and feline :) Parties are definitely not for having at home; take 'em elsewhere and let someone else pick up the mess afterwards I say!

Phares Causey

Way too cute!
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Bless the kitty! :) Glad you all survived the party - the cakes looked fab! James looked like he enjoyed his cake too.


I see lots of kittens around blogland at the moment, and normally I prefer adult cats, but he is simply gorgeous!

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