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Sarah - Jane down the lane

Oh Florence I know just how you feel! I too considered flouncing back to bed yesterday but I dug over the veg beds instead!

Hi Nicky, just wanted to say that I love the colour you painted the studio, it looks great I bet you are loving it? I hope you are managing to get your early morning Autumny strolls in too....

Have a lovely week,
Sarah x

joe currey

That made me chuckle on a monday morning! Poor Florence, don't we all have days like that? :)


What a day, it's a dogs life!!

Sue xx


Poor Florence! And I thought a pet dog would have it easiest!

jane winton

Poor Florence, just like cats to hug all the limelight. Stay in bed Florence, especially if its mum's!
I love the way your shop is coming on it looks fab and did I spy a little doggie in the window? Will there be any canines at the V&H?
Have a good week. Jane xxx


dearest florence....
i do believe that you should come and live with us in the Highlands of Scotland...
we promise that there will be no kittens, plenty of fresh air, a good supply of balls and lots of attention from us Whippets...
we promise to love you, lick your ears and paws whenever needed, and not bat an eyelid if you flounce off to bed...
much love
the whippets


Poor Florence - it is tough!


Poor Florence - it must be difficult for a little dog!

I am very excited as for our autumn weekend away we are going to Chipping Sodbury - on the weekend of the Vintage and Handmade Fair! I am so looking forward to seeing some of your bears in real life...

OMG nicky,florence has just put the biggest smile on my face!!
she is soooo scrummy,i must say florence dosent look like she is sulking in this pic,she too has a grin on her face,oscar does this,especially when mr h comes home he has this smile all over his face!! you are right though boy can they sulk,they are so sensitive & very fond of their toys,oscar does not like sharing for sure!!
JR'S are the most wonderful doggies in the world,i love my os so much i could burst!! xx


Bless it! Poor Florence! I hope you have a better day today!



A dog's life indeed!!! Rosie (long gone) used to sulk - so funny to watch, especially when she would turn her head away if we looked at her!!
Sue x

the homely year

That's so funny. Our Maisie used to sulk like that if things didn't go her way!


Poor Florence! Hope her week gets better ;-) !


Aww, haha! Poor Florence!!!


Awwww...poor little Florence. Give her sweet black nose a kiss for me. She's a cutie!


what a cute site..keep it up..:)

Nita in South Carolina

I had to laugh and laugh at this because my late grandmother's name was Florence, and she was famous for taking to her bed whenever life was too aggravating (usually always, for her).

Reclaimed Vintage

Florence is adorable x My Westie Alfie often takes up a similar pose!

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