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Bonjour !
Vraiment très réussi ! J'aime beaucoup les brideries du coussin !
Mais aussi le plaid quilté rose qui est sur le fauteuil (on the armchair) !!
J'espère qu'il y aura beaucoup de monde à la "Fair"
Have a nice week-end !


I definitely couldn't part with any of those things!
See you next week!
Hen x


I have a similar piece of embroidery with a pretty scalloped edge I have been hoarding for months after paying £1 in a charity shop and not knowing what exactly to do with it! Maybe you will inspire me to actually do something so I can look at it and see how pretty it is rather than leave it folded in a box...


Mummy Boo Bear

Oh they are all so pretty, no wonder you are having such a hard time parting with them. Although sometimes its nice if you like something so much to keep it for yourself.

Hope you have a good fair.



Oh I wish I could go to the V & H Fair next week, but alas, I am booked elsewhere for the day. I would have loved to see the tug of war between you and the customer that dared to try and buy that gorgeous blanket.

Sue xx


The embroidery really is fantastic. I have my own charity shop blanket lady, whom I treasure. All summer she collects the odd balls of wool as they come in, and when winter comes her creations arrive in the shop (Frip'relais). Today was the day - I was very restrained and bought one knitted squares lap blanket in turquoise, white and blue for 2 euros 50. Yummy!

I think your lady used better wool, though. I could not part with that blanket myself.


Years ago I made a lap quilt for my mother-in-law - all hand-quilted. I decided she wouldn't appreciate all the work that had gone in to it, so made her a 'cheap and cheerful' one. I still have the original one on the bed in my guest bedroom!!

Look forward to seeing if they make it to the vintage fair!!
Really looking forward to it,counting down the days. i cant wait to meet rupert & you of course!! xx

Clare Powell

I don't know if I could part with them either! I get a bit protective of my hats too,is the client nice, will they treat the hat properly etc etc..not a very good sales technique!

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