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Sarah - Jane down the lane

Wasn't it wonderful to see the sunshine, I totally agree with you. I was pleased to see the colour green again! Have a lovely creative week Nicky,

Sarah x


It was amazing weather recently! It seems so strange to see lots of green again after all the white! Have a lovly week in your studio! Cant wait to see your new ideas!
Rachel x

Linda Gilbert

Spring will soon be with you. Regards Linda

Mummy Boo Bear

It has been amazing how the weather has turned from artic conditions to our more normal more milder temps in such a short space of time! Good old England and her ever changing moods! lol. Its been nice to get out again without worrying about falling on your bottom.

Those chips certainly look good! well worth a runabout on the beach.

Hope you have a lovely creative week.



Glad to see you don't have to shuffle along anymore, it always makes me nervous with ice and holding a babe. Have some wonderful studio time, can't wait to see what you are working on.


It was a lovely weekend wasn't it?

Can't wait to see your new ideas!

Happy Sewing!!
Warm Wishes,
Cally x

Tilly Rose

hay nic how do u get ur camera to do that whole, in foucus out of focus thin that u have done with ur lovely chips.....have the same camera as u but not sure on all the


wow, what beautiful photos!


You lucky thing....the pictures are stunning...every blessing H

Anne Donald

Our snow has finally (just about) gone - it is so wonderful to see the green of the fields again - and I'm sure the sheep look happier!! I love your photo of the chips - I could almost smell them - it made me want some, even if I have just had breakfast!!


Bonjour !
We have quite the same weather here in Britanny ; I'm leaving near the sea and not far at all from the Monts'd'Arrés. We had snow, then sun and today : cold rain :-((
Thank you for the moor's photo, it remembers me holidays we spent in Devon many years ago. D'ailleurs les Mts d'Arrés ressemblent au Dartmoor dans certains endroits.
J'avais mis un post pour le landeau, mais il semble avoir disparu :-(
Bonne semaine.

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