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hens teeth

Green eyed monster here! Adorable, everything, adorable!

How sweet nicky is your little prambulator?!!
But more to the point who is that dear little elephant,i think i could be in love here?!!
Window looks great & soooo inviting nicky!
Have a wonderful warm & cosey weekend. xx


That takes me back! During the sixties when I was a child I had a little grey triang pram. You've just sparked a memory. Thanks!:)


That is really sweet, I can see why you couldn't get your mind off of it. It looks right at home, what a sweet studio. I love the colour of your door.


Hi nicky I found your blog a while back now, when I heard you on radio devon. I think your blog is lovely and imagine my surpise when I realised you were based a few miles away from me (I've never peaked down that little lane before) Next time I'm up in the town maybe I'll have a little peak.

jess x

Clare Powell

Wow Nicky, its really lovely and it looks like its good nick too...I bet there will be lots of appreciative VM bears/bunnies/foxes/puppies/kittens/elepants queuing up to ave a go!

Anne Donald

I am so jealous, as I was a deprived child and never had a doll's pram! (my older sister had one, but I didn't get to play with it!)

The studio is looking very inviting!!Hope to pay a visit soon...
Warm Winter Wishes,
Cally x


It looks so lovely Niki...I do love your shop ...I hope you and yours are well and happy...H


Such a pretty prambulator. My daughter would play with that day and night. Our family friends have a full size nanny prambulator. I so wish it was mine!


Is that Olive taking a ride in the pram? My daughter adores Olive (but it's good to wish)!


Oh that is so cute! I spent my baby years in a full-size version of one of those prams, and still "ahhhh" over the photos. Such a gorgeous looking thing! (and the elephant is rather cute too!)

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