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hip chick

Oh you have peaked my interest. I am reading A Life in Nature about Beatrix Potter. Perhaps when I finished I shall take your advice about Bees and Mist. It has such a lovely title.

Pauline Wilkinson

I am also reading Beatrix Potter at the moment, and have just placed about Bees and Mist on my next hit list. Sounds enchanting.
Cant wait.


It sounds deliciously wonderful, i will it up, speaking of bees, have you read The Secret Life Of Bees, it was lovely, without bees we would not exist........Stephne x


Sounds good, I will try to see if I can get it at my library.


Sounds so interesting! I've added it to my wishlist!


Hi Nicky
your passion has sent me straight to the library & reserved it online.
Thank you for sharing it. Any more you recommend?


Hello Nicky,
merci de nous donner envie de lire ce livre. I pre-order it on the website I use to buy my books in English languages.
I don't know if you read books in French language but if, you could read "L"arche de Noël et autres contes" from Romain Sardou. It's enchanting short stories for adults and children (pocket edition)These stories take place ... in England.
Have a nice day !


sounds like a great book.I have made a note of it & will look out for it!

Hi Nicky,
I have just devoured three books in a row,I wish we could all just curl up by a fire and read until the daffodils come up!
Happy Reading,
Warm Winter Wishes,
Cally x


I have a pile of to reads but that one looks lovely...hope you are all ok, we are contending with black ice now...Sorry I havent been in touch..things are very difficult, I think we will feel better after the funeral.


Ooooh! I am half way through the Twilight series and am a little worried about how I will fill the Vampire shaped gap it will leave when I finish, this might just do it x


I just put this on my wish list. Love books like this. Thanks for the heads up! Always looking for recommendations. Since this is his first book we can only see what comes next.

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