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Hi nicky,
Poor little florence,she must be sooo uncomfortable! Can you try her with a curry like us humans maybe that would get things moving?!!
Edmond is sweet,he has the look of a steiff bear,i am tempted again but i am waiting to see the new JR'S!! XX


Edmund is lovely, he has such a nice face! Good luck to Florence, can't wait to see the pups x x

Anne Donald

If the curry doesn't work, try a good dose of castor oil and orange juice (it worked for my sister - oh I should add it was administered by the midwife!!) - or the famous driving up and down a bumpy road - plenty of potholes to facilitate that one!!

Clare Powell

Oh Florence my thoughts are with you. I seem to remember feeling very pregnant not too long ago and my tummy nearly dragging on the floor too!! Nicky, I hope you get your bed back soon!


Oh Nicky, how nerv-wracking this time must be, for the whole family. I think your children are very anxious too. Hopefully this week will bring the relief and gratify you with adorable puppies. Good luck!!
What do you think is Edmund waiting for? Another old lady-bear to reminisce about the past? A young sweet lady-bear to feel younger himself and pass on his experiences? Or 'only' a caring person or family to spent in peace his old days? I wish him as much luck as my/our Harry had!
Love, Gertie


I am in love with this bear. What a sweet face he has.


Ohh, bon courage à "ta" Florence. La pauvre, j'espère qu'elle va très bientôt avoir ses bébés et retrouver sa "taille de guêpe" (a French idiom to say to be thin again)et ... redonner son lit à maman, lol :-)))
Très bel ours en peluche, tu as "de l'or dans les doigts"


Aww would love to see that low hanging belly on Florence. Hope she has a safe delivery!
Am a bit in love with Edmund at the moment..!


Is Edmund still for sale? If he is can I buy him please?

Sue xx

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