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Oooh, that puppers is so sweet and with such handsome parents I reckon Florence's pups will be even more gorgeous.


One word....awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! x

hens teeth

Oh, I can understand how you must be feeling....but so exciting at the same time. Great memories for the family. Can't wait to see the result of the 'liason'. x

jessica daisy

how sweet!
I've had a couple of litters with my lab, so I know how much fun, but hard work it can be.
Good luck, and prepare yourself for the sleepless couple of nights ahead!

Clare Powell

I'm very excited about the new arrivals..they're going to be incredibly keep us updated!


Oh, how sweet is that little one. Hope all goes well.

How lovely nicky,i love that puppy smell.
As you know love of my life is a jack & when i was growing up we had cockers.We had one litter & they were soooo cute but a right handfull,there was five in the litter & we kept two!!
Will be thinking of you & dear little florence,she is going to be a very busy little girl!! xx

Mummy Boo Bear

What cuties! Love your dogs even though someone had been naughty! lol.

That puppy is so sweet, I had to show my 3 yr old as she is mad keen on puppies and doggies! She went mad held out her arms and said I want one! oh dear! lol.

Good luck with the new arrivals, look forward to seeing reaaaallly cute puppy pics!


Sue cute, I want one!!!

Sue xx

Sue Krekorian

Me too! So cute, my two favourite breeds rolled into one/stitched together! Oh, I do hope it all goes well. They make a lovely couple.

Linda Gilbert

Good Luck-- How exciting for the children. Special news to tell at school very soon Kindet Regards Linda

Helen Charlton

Sooooooooh GORGEOUS!! Good luck, love Helen x

tracy x

you have to add a cockerjack to your collection of rabbits and bears - incredibly sweet :)
good luck with it all - i was terrified with our Talulla and i worked in a vets for years!
much love
t x


Woody looks such a gentleman...hard to believe he would take advantage of little Florence! Well, Woody being so handsome and Florence so cute, I'm sure the offspring will be adorable. I must say, the "cockerjack" in that last picture looks surprised or maybe just confused?



If I could write a squeak I would...what darling pups they would be..I I would love a doggy, but I'm out all day...but may be one day!

Good luck with the puppies..

Sam xx

Happy parenting!!
Warm Wishes,
Cally x

Anne Donald

I'm looking forward to seeing the pups - I'm sure they will be adorable - perhaps you could start a trend to rival the labradoodle!!


Oh wow, what a cute puppy! Can't wait to see the pictures of your little brood.


how gorgeous,i can feel a vintage cockerjack coming on!!!


oh how lovely! With such good looking parents, the puppies are bound to be little cuties!
Rachel x


Hello, you'll have a nice family dog :-))
The "mum" is pretty, the "dad" has class, the babies will certainly be cute. I'm impatient to see photos.
We've got a dog too (a beagle) not already "dad" just the "third children" of the family, lol.
Have a nice week-end and "courage" for the "delivery" ++

Tilly Rose

Oh how cute.....I would love for Tilly to have some puppies as im sure she would make a fab mum but am waiting for Mason to get a bit older as he a little bit rough with her yet......good luck Midwife Nicky.....xxxx bring on the hot water and towels.....i know put her in the bath I had two water births and they were


Well then Nicky as you know last year my husband was romantic enough to get me a fabulous Vintage Magpie Bunny for Valentines. Oh how i would love a Cockerjack, think i may start hinting lol.
I'm sure Briar would love a play mate!
Cant wait to see a pic I just know they will be adorable and good natured just like Woody and Florence.

Suzie letten

They look adorable together, I'm so missing not having my own dog around, I so can't wait. Keep me posted I will be straight there!!


What a gorgeous thing Cockerjack is. Let's hope yours look like him/her. But if not I feel a Vintage Magpie adoptee in the making ...

Waiting with baited breath ...

Sue x

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