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How Cute!


I have been constantly checking to see your gorgeous new arrivals - they're gorgeous!! Would love a little girly 'Cockerjack' as a playmate with our Nellie. But no doubt you have a waiting list longer than my kids Xmas pressie lists put together!? Hope you get a good night's sleep.


They are adorable and so spaniel like, they just take me back to the first time we saw Briar.
X x x x x x x x


they are adorable! congrats!

Oohhh my godness nicky you have reduced me too tears,what you said was so lovley.
Florence has grown up,bless her.
The pups are simply adorable,i cant wait to show mr h when he gets home. He will probably need the tissues too,we are as bad as each other im afraid!! xx


Absolutely adorable!


They are lovely, but all babies are ;-)
Looking forward to hearing about their progress.


They're adorable! Hope they all find good homes. (I take it the ribbon is only for the photograph?) ;)

Anne Donald

Oh, they are so lovely!! I could feel a little tear forming as I scrolled down through the photos!!


Congratulations Florence! Oh my goodness they are insanely adorable...! Those tiny toes! So glad all is well and calmed down :) Takes me back to my childhood in the country.

p.s. can't wait to read the happenings of a house with 7 six week old puppies ;)

tracy x

just pop a black and white one in the post to me in 8 weeks time...
super :)
rest now ladies (thats both you and the mama!)
enjoy every moment as it all goes so quickly
t x


beautiful! well done florence x

jessica daisy

They are so sweet!

I felt the same way with Lily, she was so trusting of me when she was giving birth, and her personality changed so much while she had her little ones with her, so devoted to them, always fussing over them, make sure they were clean and fed.

But soon after they all went to their new homes she went back to being her silly, over-excited old-self.

I know exactly how you must feel, emotionally & physically exhausted, it didn't help that I spent the next day and night hand feeding one of the pups cause he couldn't stay latched on, only to discover the next morning that he had a cleft palate, and had to be put to sleep, that was a tear-fest I can tell you! It was amazing how quickly I got attached to him.

Good luck with the next few days, they will be the most worrying for you, but Florence will do most of the work. Just keep an eye on her that she doesn't go down hill, Lily had to have calcium supplements for a while on top of the puppy food, I took her to the vet to give her and the new litter the once over, and the vet said her calcium levels had dipped very low because the large litter.

P.S. Don't you just love the noise they make!


Sew Create It - Jane

How adorable! Congratulations to you all! ;o)


They are so beautiful! How proud you must be of your lovely Florence. :)

Clare Powell

Hurray for Florence!!What a super job she's done. I was getting quite emotional reading it!

Mandy McCauley

They are just beautiful. Enjoy every minute. Congratulations to you all.
Mandy and Edna x


Oh Nicky, these puppers are wonderful!! I never allowed an animal at our home because I work fulltime, and the girls are at school most of the day. But Paula wants a dog so badly. Looking at 'your' babies makes me thinking, maybe ..... Congratulations!! Gertiex


Oh Nicky, they're so cute! Clever Florence! She looks knackered in the photo, although I'm not surprised, 7 babies, phew!
Congratulations to you all!
Hope you get some sleep now!
Rachel x


Simply wonderful... well done to you all.

Sue xx

Sarah - Jane down the lane

Bless you both! what an emotional time and so exhausting too. They look absoloutely divine, wonderful individual markings, and so love the ric rac!

Sarah x


Total gorgeousness. Can't wait to read of the children's reactions. So exciting. Hope you've caught up with some sleep now!

Sue x

Valarie Budayr

I've been checking and checking to see if you would post pictures of them. Oh my they are so sweet and that ricrak ribbon is too cute. They are so small and beautiful. Congratulations! Enjoy your babies.


Ohh, I just can't resist ! They are so cute !
Et maintenant : il va falloir trouver un prénom pour ces adorables bébés :-))
Beaucoup d'émotions,je le comprends.


Ahhhh they are truly gorgeous


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