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How adorable! I love the little ric rac collars you have made for them.

Well done mum!

Pauline Wilkinson

Morning Nicky

Beautiful. As soon as you said 'she looked at you' I could not contain my tears. It's 9.15 and I am sitting at my office desk. Gonna have to go to the ladies now and dab my tears away.

Have a great tiem with them.

Pauline x


The darling babies. Poor Florence she must have felt terrible before they were born. So pleased all has gone so well.


Baby teeny puppers WITH RIC-RAC!!!!
What are you trying to do to me....!?
Oh the restraint not to come straight over and 'puppy-nap' them all is huge . More pictures pleeease


I want one!!!! So cute and how apt they come with coloured ric-rac bow ;)

Pauline Wilkinson

Hi Nicky

So beautiful, what more can you say. When you said Florence 'looked at you' after her babies where born, it made me cry. It was 9.15 am and I am sitting at my desk wondering how i can escape to the ladies to dab away my tears without the rest of the office noticing !!.

Cherish evey moment you have with them

Pauline x


Aawww, sweet tiny puppies :)

Mummy Boo Bear

Oooh they are totally cute. They have definately made me more dog broody now!

Give them a big fuss from me.


Florence looks knackard in the bottom photo - doesn't matter what species you are, childbirth does the same to us all!! Enjoy the weekend with those lovelies.

Pablo (yo)

Great blog!!
If you like, come back and visit mine:

Pablo from Argentina


They are so cute! I only discovered your blog a few days ago and kept hoping on to see if she'd had any. Congratulations Flossie. x


I think it was harder on me when my Boston Mamma dog, Alice, was expecting then when I was! LOL But she was a wonderful mom and came through beautifully!

Congratulations on the new babies! They are beautiful!


Congratulations glad Mum and Grandmum, as well as the lovely pups, are all doing well.


Congrats on your beautiful grandpuppies! They are absolutely adorable. :) Love your blog.



They are just adorable...can you package one up for me straight away please....



So very happy for Florence! What a good job she's doing! The puppies are adorable. Hope you're all getting some rest when you can.

Becky Lee

Congrats to Nicky, Florence and all the family! Beautiful!!

Becky xx


I can't stop looking at them,they are sooooo adorable...I want one!
Florence must be a very proud Mama.

Bellaboo :)


Awwwww. They are most precious indeed!

Back Porch Blessings,

Christine Nullmeyers

Oh what adorable little puplets! And so different looking from their mother!
I've just posted my first blog - take a peek when you've got a mo!
Hope to visit your shop in person soon. x x

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