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Anne Donald

I should be heading for the shower, ready to face another busy week .... instead I'm sitting here looking at the pups!!


Pups win every time they are getting more adorable every week!


No contest....pups win every time! Florence looks such a cool Mum..and those pups couldn't be any sweeter...enjoy every moment with them.

Bellaboo :)


Puppies! Definitely! They look almost as big as Florence already ;-)


Pups! Paperwork can wait!

So sorry to hear your very sad news. It's so hard when you lose a pet, they become such a huge part of family life. Katie x

Nina - Tabiboo have time to sit and stare.

I would say pups too - enjoy the paperwork!

Nina x


Ohh, ils sont vraiment adorables, ce sont de beaux bébés !
Puppies win ... paperwork can wait few hours lol ...
Bonne semaine à vous !


The pups are so adorable, forget the paperwork and spend the whole day fussing over those little cuties! :) xx


Oh my it would have to be the pups every time!!! They are soooo cute!
Vivienne :)

Nicky they are soooo beautiful,look at their little button noses & tiny paws. x

Susan Freeman

If you were not so far away I would pop over and help you speed through the paperwork so that we could both play with Florence and the pups. Unfortunately you are a continent and an ocean away and I have a huge stack of neglected paperwork waiting for me as well. Instead, I will push the paperwork aside, play with Bentley and re arrange some furniture instead on this holiday. Enjoy your day!

Susan and Bentley


Oh my, how adorable they are!

Just let the paper work pile up and admire the tiny ones. They´ll grow up but the paper work isn´t going anywhere.

tracy x

look at that wee puppers with the heart on its bottom - so very, very sweet...
how many are you keeping :)
ditch the paper work and sniff the puppies for they grow and go so quickly..
t x

Clare Powell

Those puppies ..oh my goodness. Florence does look like she's been on the gin in that pic! and really who could blame her!


Hello from NewZealand.I watch out each day for pup-dates from your new puppies.They are adorable.Enjoy them while they are so young and cute.I want to dress them all up in my stash of vintage dolls clothes.....too cute. !!
What paperwork ??????????


Oh my gosh, they are just sooo gorgeous. Puppers win over paperwork any day.


Pups, pups, pups. How can you even question it. Awww, they're adorable.

Shin Ae

I cannot believe those puppies. I want to snuggle them! So adorable. Their mama should be very proud.

cheryl walton

Oh wow. Those puppies are just sooooo gorgeous!!

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