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Congratulations Grandma!!
Bless little florence SEVEN babies & she is so tiny herself.
Cant wait to see them,i know i will want one but i must be strong!!
You must be exhausted,have a well deserved sleep,see you this afternoon. xx


Oh that's wonderful news. How exciting!
Can't wait to see the photos.
Sleep well


oh how wonderful! can't wait to see some photos - puppies are just so much fun!



Well done Florence. Amazing....7!!


ps...have just read back over some older posts and saw that daddy is a spaniel - we used to have a jack russell/cocker spaniel cross called bruno & we called him a jack spaniel!

they are going to be adorable.


hens teeth

Oh thank goodness for that. The suspense has been killing me. Congratulations Grandma. x


thank goodness all is safe and well, I was worried for you (and florence) See you soon Granny!!!! xx

Pauline Wilkinson

Well done to little Mummy Florence... I was thinking about her all day yesterday, and could not wait to pop by this morning to see if all was OK.

You must be feeling exhausted mentally and physically. Get plenty of fresh cups of tea and just sit and stare at them all day.

Will pop back later for a peek.

Pauline x


Ohh, my God seven babies ! That's why Florence was so tired ...
Congratulations to the happy parents and to ... the "new" grandmother
How is the father ? Is he proud of his sons & daughters ? :-)))
On attend les photos, quand les bébés auront quelques jours.
Bonne journée (elle va certainement être très animée)


I've been following your story of Florence and her eagerly awaited puppies so very happy to hear of their safe arrival. Can't wait to see them!

Sweet Dreams Grandma!!!
Warm Wishes,
Cally x


Congratulations, the wonders of birth are amazing I think!

Sarah - Jane down the lane

Oh wow, it all sounds so wonderous Nicky! Congratulations to Florence, what a clever girl. The kids are going to be soooooo excited, puppies in the house, bliss!

Sarah x


congratulations to you all! Well done little Florence ,can't wait to see the photos! x x

Tilly Rose


seven at one time oh my god the poor

cant wait to see some pics and need to speak to you about the possibility of having one of florences babies for my mother in law.....xxxxxx


Aahh, cute...can't wait to see pictures. Kathyx

Mummy Boo Bear

Oh I am so glad everything went well. Seven babies! wow no wonder she is tired. I bet they are all so amazingly cute. Cant wait to the pictures. Although better keep my youngest away from them she is totally into wanting a puppy and get a bit emotional! lol. Although I have to say I would love one two. Oh dear.

Good luck and congratulations to you all.


Aww, that's so cute! Can't wait to see the piccies.

tracy x

many many congratulations... spotty puppers?
oh my!
t x


WOW seven

amazing for such a small dog

lots of love louise

Tami B.

Aww, can't wait to see those puppy photos :)


Congratulations on becoming a grandmother :) And very glad everything went well!


Well done Florence, you clever girl! So glad it all went well :)

jessica daisy

congratulations! Can't wait to see them!


Congratulations on the new additions to the family! I bet you are as exhausted as Florence.

Can not wait to see the photo's and there progress.

Vanessa x

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