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How are you ever going to part with any of thoses pups? They are so adorable! :)
Vivienne x

Look at him/her,everything in the world so new to them,i could eat them up they are sooo cute!!
You tease nicky,cant wait until sunday!! xx


Those pups are adorable, just think, soon they will be even more of a distraction, when they are running round and into everything!!!!! x


My kitchen is just like that one....ha,ha.........I wish!!
Those pups must really help to banish the Winter blues.Keep those pics coming!

Bellaboo :o)

Susan Freeman

Love that kitchen! Thanks for sharing the pic. And the puppy, well how sweet and adorable is that? What a precious little one! I am anxious to see more pics.

Susan and Bentley


Gorgeous kitchen, I would love to be sitting in it as well. Really cute pups!


Wish I could snuggle with a puppy! That photo is some seriously gorgeous inspiration. Thanks for sharing it!


That kitchen is gorgeous!
The pup is adorable, how sweet!

Brenda Kula

Oh, such cutie-pie pups! I adore that inspiration photo too.


Cet adorable "bébé" est vraiment trop mignon. Le voilà parti à la découverte du Monde.
I dream of this kitchen too ... all is beautiful and bright. I love cooking so, for me, the kitchen is an important room in our house, lol.
Did you find names for the puppies ?
To "comfort" you : here in Britanny there's a storm ... I think I'll stay at home today (with a good book)
Have a nice week !


Oh I love that kitchen... might have to snatch that image for my inspiration file! xo Louise


Ooohhhhh I'm not sure how you could even be sitting at your sewing machine with the distraction of tiny puppies in your life at the moment. They are veeeeery cute!
Also now I have to leave my desk and hunt out the Battenburg cake - thanks to your lovely kitchen photo - oh how I wish mine looked like that but with a gigantic puppy in my life too the cloth would be off the table, the contents strewn on the floor, the cushions re-distributed around the house (probably with their stuffing re-distributed in different locations) the basket would be chewed, the flowers de-headed and the floor rug rumpled! Ahhhh what fun - maybe I will try it!


yep, that kitchen is inspirational! Love it.... Lizzie x


Ahhh that photo of your puppy is gorgeous- have found you via Attic24 :-)

Clare Powell

Have a wonderful time at the show...oooooh I want to take your puppies home!they are adorable


I was only considering photographs that make you want to live in that scene for my final project in photography last night - that kitchen is exactly what I had in mind - then I saw the puppy, and all other thoughts left my head! toooooo cute!


 Term Papers

so cool picture i love it
Good Job!

Adam dislikes puppy leash

Hi! The picture of the kitchen looks really cool. I hope ours could look like that one. The cute little puppy is just so breath-taking! What is his breed? Does he have a name yet? He looks so innocent, so adorable. I agree with the others, wait till the puppies grow up, they’ll really be great distractions, but you’ll be sure to say goodbye to those old dull days. Having a dog would be really fun. Thank you for sharing this on I’m happy I’ve read about this. I would love to see more pictures of them. Hope you have a great time taking care of the puppies!

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