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Love those little bottles,what a bargain!
That's what I love about CS's,you never know what treasures might be hiding in there.Can't wait to see the little darlings with their eyes open...

Bellaboo :0)


They look lovely, what a brilliant find!

Sue xx

Anne Donald

Lovely to see the daffodils and think of spring - we had snow again yesterday and it is very frosty this morning! Still, if I need cheered up, I just look at the pups ....

Helen Lambert

I would have snapped those up too...hope you are well....H

Mandy McCauley

What a wonderful find. Glad to hear Mum and pups doing well.


Hope spring comes soon and brings many more blossoms into your lovely house. Great find and money well spent :)


Fantastic photos, I adore spring its such an exciting time, lambs in the field and daffs wonderful.


The daffodils are delightful! I think you're right. Your Spring must be on the way. Here in the Southern Hemisphere Autumn is knocking on the door.

What a lovely find nicky,you must have good charity shops down your way!!
So simple but so pretty. xx

hip chick

I have a collection of little glass bottles also. Now all I need is a sweet friend to drop by with flowers.

Clare Powell

Great find! Its so lovely to see the daffs and crocus arriving...its my favourite time. Pass on snuggles to the puppies from the Darling household.


What a great bargain! I love those bottles, and they look so pretty with the single blooms in them.
I can not wait to see more puppy pics, their adorable. :) xxx


Ohh, "daffodils" ! Ca "sent" le printemps !
I like the bottles very much. They are quite original. I love English charity shops, we have shops like that in France (they are not call "charity shops") but the prices are often high.
When we spend holidays in Great Britain I often buy things in CS (crockery and lot of books ...)
Bonne continuation à Florance et les bébés (sans oublier le papa :-))


"Florence" not "Florance"
Sorry ...


Fantastic find! They look great.


What a great find, I think little old bottles are perfect to hold flowers. They are absolutely gorgeous.

Vintage flair 1

What a great find! they look really lovely!

Stephanie O.

Such pretty bottles...

French Knots

What lovely little bottles, I would have snapped them up too, just right for cheerfuk daffs.


What an excellent find - the flowers look beautiful in them. Let's hope spring will not be too long in arriving - it feels like this winter has lasted for years.

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