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hip chick

We have had he rainiest March in history here. It's been so windy that we have lost major trees all over the place. They were so wet that the wind just uprooted them. It's been raining for so long that streets are buckling right under. We have had water in the basement for over two weeks now...but it's going to be sunny and in the 70's this weekend!

I agree, Easter should be sunny. Doesn't have to be warm but the sun should be out. Here in my part of Scotland we've had rain and gale force winds since Monday that turned into five inches of snow last night. It's all *wrong*!!
Ali x

Scented Sweetpeas

here here! I had a kiddies party yesterday which involved an egg hunt, little sweetpea was ill so I literally had to throw all the eggs round the garden. This turned out to be a blessing in the end as minutes after they came in from easter egg hunting (if you can call it that as they weren't really hidden) it poured down with rain! bloomin weather!


I'm getting fed up with walking the dog in the pouring rain and wind,and bringing her home muddy and soaking!I was hoping for dry weather for our Easter break but it doesn't look promising. I don't even bother to listen to the forecast's too depressing!

Bellaboo :0)

Susan Freeman

I feel the same way and I live several thousand miles away. The trees are full of buds, the tulips and daffodils have been open for days and days. The weather, however, is like a roller coaster. One day it's sunny and mild and then the big dark clouds roll in. Yesterday in the course of walking one block the weather went from a soft rain, to strong gusty winds that nearly upturned my umbrella while I was being hit by hail! It was miserable! Now in the valley the plum trees are in bloom and there is fresh snow on the mountain tops in the background! March came in like a lamb and out like a ferocious lion!!

Susan and Bentley


I hope it warms up for you soon. I love how you are keeping your jewelry, all in that beautiful dish. Very pretty!

Anne Donald

We had to change our plans today because of SNOW!!

Isabel Rafael

It depends where you are - in South Africa the sun is shining and we're being warmed by 28deg weather. I've been planting my next crop of veggies. AND . . remember that children don't care about the rain when they're searching for the eggs - bring out the umbrella for you?
I LOVE the teal colour on your pillows - my favourite colour. Isabel


It's exactly the same weather in Britanny ! Today the sun shines :-) but on TV weather forecast they have said "rain for the week-end" grrr, grrr !!
And it's quite cold ! I'm fed up, I need some sun and warm temperatures, even if I like Winter ...
Passez un bon week-end Pascal avec votre famille !


I love the blue pillow in the middle in the top photo! And the pink photo frame is gorgeous. In Australia it's heading towards winter at Easter time so it's always a little chilly but usually sunny:) Hope you enjoyed good weather eventually!

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