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HO MY, they are so so adorable, I have been oowing and aahing away here! I had three dogs until last Autum (my wonderful lab died) now have two terriers ,honestly 3 is no harder work than 2..... Ho and by the way mines the one hiding behind table leg.. I will call him/her Bramble...... send her special delivery!! best wishes..

Sarah - Jane down the lane

Bless you Nicky, I have a lump in my throat just thinking about the moment they go... thankfully it wont be all at once will it? I hope some are staying relatively local so that you may chance across them when you are walking?
Have a lovely week enjoy those wriggly warm cuddles,

Sarah x


Oh dear,it must be so hard to think about parting with them.They are adorable!!Are your children saying "pleeese mummy can we"?because that makes it reeaally hard too.I know thats what we used to say when we were young and our dog had puppies! My parents did cave in just the once!! His name was Benjy!
Hope you enjoy your week of snuggles!
Rachel x


oh they are absolutely adorable, I love the one standing with his little paws on the table leg, I think I would cry as well to see them go,enjoy their little kisses, and your long awaited lie-in when it comes.


Oh sweet mama!!!!what a post to see on a rainy monday morning!! I'll take ALL of them! :)


Oh my, I can quite understand why you are so reluctant to let them go! Those little faces!!!
At least you have those fab photos to remember them by!


I think I would cry too !!! :(
They're beautiful!
Vivienne x


What adorable pictures! They are all just too cute! Every picture made me say "Awww".


They are wonderful -- each one has a different face and I see different personalities. I would never be able to let them go. Enjoy each day with them. Deb


Ils sont adorables ! J'aurais beaucoup de mal à m'en séparer aussi ...
J'aurais tellement envie de les garder tous ...
Bon courage pour la séparation :-((

Hillcrest Cottage them! I love the smell of puppy breath. :)

sheila c. titcombe

Have you got homes for all the puppies Nicky ? Get plenty of kleenex ready ............ the house will be so quiet without them, think of everything you will get done lol ! The little black and white pup in the first photo gets my vote ..... reminds me of my beloved Lucy (fox-terrier-cross)


You're going to keep one....I KNOW you are!

Bellaboo ;o)


What an adorable lot! I feel for your dilemma.


ahhhh lovely, little handfuls i bet! have you got homes for them all , i'm sure they will be well loved x x x

Anne Donald

I've just shown the pics to my husband who promptly said ' no, you can't have one'!!

Mrs Bun

My girls want to get the train down to Devon to steal one now. I bet you keep one if you possibly can. I know I'd argue myself into a corner.

Hope it all goes well as I don't envy you the goodbye bit at all.

Lisa x

Valarie Budayr

If these are the cutest little faces. I've enjoyed watching them grow via blogland so much. I'll be sad to see them go too. They are just lovely. Here's to you and the great care you've given.


Oh! But poorest florence will miss her puppies the most! Send her my hugs and kisses when they go.


Those are the sweetest little babie! How can anyone not fall in love with little baby animals!! Oh it'll be so hard to let them go, but think of the joy they will bring so many new families!!

Account Deleted

awww they are just too cute!
My 11 year old is wanting a puppy pretty bad right now - I dare not show him!
xoxo Cath


Oohhh they are sooo cute! I want one!! Or two or would it be a package deal? Oh how I love puppies! Yep I'm a sucker. I feel so bad for you and yes, it is hard. It is hard taking care of them, it is hard keeping them, letting them go, etc. Fur babies are hard, AND CUTE!


They are too sweet.

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