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As long as he doesn't jump off the roof - like one of mine did !!

Anne Donald

I may have seen my husband with his jacket on like that (of course I'll deny that I typed this!!!)

Linda Gilbert

Ours was Spiderman at ALL times -- He's 30 now but I still think of him in his Batman stage with such fondness
Happy Days


My son's 25 now but we still remind him of the time when he was a Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle! :)
Vivienne x


Not Batman exactly, but my youngest insists on pulling his red and black striped knitted hat right down over his face like a mask, and telling everyone, 'I'm Biderman' (can't pronounce 'Sp' yet! Falls over all the time and bashes into things, but I can't get him to wear that hat properly!
So lush to meet you the other day!

Tilly Rose

hi hun! i've just found your is lovely! fab piccies too!
Feel free to stop by and say hello if you have five mins....
Karen x x x

Joanna Rance

My son who just turned five was Batman for a long time, but then developed his own alter ego and for the past six months has been known as "speedy man" who is of course better, faster and more powerful than batman. Love your blog and your stuffies; I've added them to my Christmas wish list!

Scented Sweetpeas

How fab! My little man isn't a batman but does like mud - he is forever looking for bugs and lives in his wellies!


Love this picture, what a memory to treasure. He, he...boys will be boys eh? My two are very similar and what is it with their coats!

My youngest is three and a bit and will absolutely, without a doubt, only respond if you call him by the name of his favourite dinosaur - Oviraptor! It's been going on for so long now that we all naturally call him Ovi, even the grandparents. He's an Archie really, perhaps he will be again one day - when he's about 18! Sweet though.

Have a lovely weekend ahead. I do enjoy your blog ever so much.


I've got girls, so no batmen, but one did go through a stage of being mary poppins and had to take an umbrella everywhere!

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