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Angela C

Oooh it DOES look simply blissful! Warmth and sunshine radiate through your pictures. The cottage is lovely with the white and blue-trimmed windows.


Beautiful photographs. It was like I was right there!


Oh what a wonderful holiday!It all looks so sunny and warm, goreous!
Have a great week!
Rachel x

hens teeth

I am so pleased you all had such a beautiful must ache to still be there...oh and the weather has been so kind to us all too.


Just MY kind of holiday...I love Cornwall, having spent most of my childhood holidays there.So glad the weather was good for makes all the difference.

Bellaboo :0)

jane winton

Niki, have you ever thought of a job with the Cornish Tourist Board?! Ssshh though, we dont want too many people knowing about our little bit of heaven. After reading your post I feel even more fortunate to live here, I go to all your places to walk the dog, how lucky am I? I am glad that the weather was so beautiful for you, you sound so relaxed and rested. See you in a couple of weeks. Jane xxx


I'm glad you had a lovely time, I did think of you! Lush photos xx

Mummy Boo Bear

It certainly looks dreamy from your photo's. What luck to be there when we have had such lovely weather. Just my sort of sunny day. Not too hot with a nightly chill to still need to snuggle up in!

Hope you have a great week settling back in.


Linda Gilbert

Bliss for me too !!! I love Cornwall so much x


Hi.. I found your blog while hopping around from blog to blog this morning.
What lovely vacation photos. Portscatho sounds like a wonderfull place.!

Happy Monday


Hello !
Vous avez passé de superbes vacances en Cornouailles ! Les photos sont belles et l'endroit à l'air charmant.
We went in "South" Britanny and the weather was very nice too. I have to add that "South" Britanny is called "Cornwall" too :-))) It's quite the same landscapes but not the same "buildings" (architecture)


Gorgeous pictures!


Ooooh, putting Portscatho on the itinerary! Thanks for sharing. Love the photo of the driftwood carving. I see one little finger already bandaged...hope that wasn't a carving accident.


Anne Donald

What a wonderful holiday!!

Clare Powell

So glad you had a great time! We were in St Ives and stayed for an extra week because it was so beautiful. We had tears on the morning we had to return home and back to hoo. saving up for a holiday home is now on the cards, well a girl can dream!


Oh what HAPPY Holidays - and all without flying- wonderful...
Cally x



What happy, happy pictures! You have made me itch to pack a bag and dash south, my mouth is watering for a slice of that cake and my little bod is aching to rest awhile on that pretty beach...

Thank you for such lovely photographs, glad you had such a smashing time, sending love
Julia x x x

Sew Create It - Jane

Sounds absolutely wonderful! That view from the cottage is breath taking!

kathy(used to be mylifeandotherbeads)

Hi Nicki, What lovely photos and we have just come back from Portscatho too! We were there 8th-11th April just me and the boys and my friend and her 3 children (no men yay!) Did we manage not to bump in to you or was it different dates? Hope to catch up soon, things have been so hectic. What days are you in your studio as would love to come and visit, with a cake of course! Kathyx


So glad you had a wonderful family holiday Nicky, Portscatho is a little bit special isn't it! And refreshing to hear that you never used the car. So many people when they come to Cornwall on holiday try to rush around to all the well known places and miss what delights are actually on the doorstep; just stepping out onto the coast path and enjoying the wild flowers and the quiet corners, and relaxing!
See you at Vintage and Handmade next weekend ahhhhhhhhh!

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