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How do you do it Nicky? Do you have a clock with more hours in the day? I can't wait to see your new furry friends.. and not long to wait now.. gulp!!!!
See you very soon.

Michele x


Well your peek at new creations is sweet! I just know it will be loved! Good Luck. Hugs, Diane


What a handsome little trio! And all ready to go :) Adorable!


Can't wait to see them!
Have a lovely weekend.

Bellaboo :0)


They look beautiful, so full of character!
Cant wait to see more!

Love Julia x x x


Love the shape of the face.


oh gorgeous! Good luck with the fair - I have something similar coming up in two weeks and my sewing machine too doesn't know if it's coming or going!


They look great, lovely little faces. Good luck at the fair! x

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo

Too cute, have fun at the fair.


GORGEOUS work Nicky...can't wait to see them all at the fair...and to see you of course! ;-))
Niki x


I'm so excited about the fair...good luck and i'll see you there x

tania rubery

love your view of the world whist on holiday- i understand! xxx

Redwood House

Today I adopted Mabel, the elephant who loves to dance. It was a tough decision at the time, with Mabel capturing my eye with her dotty red ears and pink rosey cheeks. After much umming and ahhing, my Mum adopted her for me and we have set up 'Mabel's adoption account' where I pay her a mere £2.50 a week.
The whole senario surprised my Mum as I have never before become attached to a 'soft toy'. I think this illustrates what personality and character you have given Mabel and all her chums.
I am writing this from my Mum's old blog but am now contemplating creating a blog for Mabel. Thank you Charlie


They look fab..Sorry I havent been to visit for ages, I have been snowed under with work and havent had anything exciting to tell on a post...hope you are well...H (A time to dance...which was cocoa and blankets)

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