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jane winton

WHAT a little sweetie, I can see why you wished you had kept him but understand your secret smirk that you didnt! Jane xx PS little Bertie fox is really gorgeous!

Clare Powell

Ooh he is lurverly Nicky...I think with a face like that you could forgive him pretty much anything!Little rascal!


You had a lucky escape there then! He is gorgeous though.Mind you,some of them don't grow out of the bad behaviour.Yes,Bella..I mean you!

Bellaboo ;0)

Scented Sweetpeas

I have a puppy with 'mischief' as his middle name. You are better off just having the chance to cuddle him when you bump into him and let him let off his mischief stream in his new home believe me :-)

Emma Angel

Aww, he is a little love. I know how difficult it can be to see pups go to a new home, we had to keep one of ours. It's always good to see how they are doing though and to know that they are doing well.
Take care x

Sandy Shirley

It's hard to believe that something this precious could be so naughty. But, I've had enough puppies to know it's true.

Anne Donald

I don't think I could cope with a puppy - especially one as naughty as that!!

Susan Freeman

He my be a little mischief maker, but he sure is cute!!

Susan and Bentley


OMG - how gorgeous !!


Love that pup!! Have a look at my blog for news of the 'Nostalgic Mix' fair in Totnes.
Lesley X

The Vintage Heart

SO Sweet , but he does have a cheeky look in his eye! cant tell him off for his antics he was only trying to get one of his five a day! bestest wishes,Linda.


I think I could forgive Winston anything .. looking like that! What a gorgeous little chap!
I recently found Wilbur's big brother.. he will be going on his hols to Portscatho this summer.

Michele x


A sweet picture! :o) x

Furniture removals Melbourne

Oohhh..look at him so cute. Those pair of eyes are beautiful. Wonderful shot! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend as well.

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