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Clare Powell

Lovely to see you there on Saturday....roll on Nov!


I'm jealous, I read about these weekend rendezvous and then think why we don't have anything like that. However it was fun to
virtual visit through your photos, they are great. BTW the red wagon was a good choice, I would have taken the pram also, next time


Hi Nicky,
Lovely to see you and so pleased that you had such a good day.
Violet is still hiding in her brown paper bag and I am not allowed to see her until tomorrow! Bless my hubby and you!
I have a photo of your stand that I can forward to you - it may show the chappies that you say sold at the start.

Good luck at your next fair...
Not sure if we shall make it to your studio this time, but we will work on it for a future date.
Have a great week,
Niki x

Sam Neville

Hi Nicky,
Thankyou for your message, Just dabbling at the mo with the toy making...Its good stress relief for me!

Your bears as ever are beautiful.

Sam x


I was the Vintage Magpie fan who adopted Bertie for my (yet to be made into a) nursery and I couldn't be happier! My husband was even enthusastic about the pictures I bought too so that's a great compliment!!!

Lovely to see you again and although I won't be back in November (unless I am feeling particularly mad/energetic!), I hope to see you at another fair soon.



Glad to hear you did so well - I love Alfie - especially his ruff!


Glad it all went well, lovin' Margot, sooo lovely! x x x

sweet cottage dreams

Your bears are just the sweetest little creatures. How lovely that they all went to wonderful homes. Had I been there, at least one of your lovely temptations would have flown home to California.

thanks for sharing,

hens teeth

So good to see you on Saturday N. I do so hope Alfie has recovered now. Hope you have a great day at your up and coming fair.


how lovley!I absolutely adore Sid! Glad you had a good show, it's great when all the hard work pays off - mine is in 2 weeks...


They are absolutely adorable!

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