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Puppet Lady

You've really found some attractive and unusual pieces. Hope the cold gets better and that you have a good trip to a boot sale!

Janet x

Hello you!
Join the club,im suffering too!!
Love the till,its not like arkwrights off open all hours is it?!! If so mind your fingers!!
Hope you feel better soon,big hugs. xx


Oh how I long for that till. I am getting greener by the second just thinking about it!

Emma Angel

Wow! That till is fantastic!
I hope that you feel better soon, take care. x


Love the till.I used to love playing shops as a child.I want to hear it go'kerching'!
The other week was my first trip to the car boot,it was raining and there were only about five tables there! I'm hoping this Sat will be a better turn out as the weather is looking really good!Looking forward to seeing your CB finds later!

Bellaboo :0)

jane winton

Sorry you have been poorly, there is a lot of horrible colds around at the moment, I have been going around with a bell round my neck croaking 'unclean' all this week but nobody to make me chicken noodle soup! I love the chair and the till, what a find! Get well soon Jane xx


Bonjour ! J'espère que vous aller vite vous rétablir de votre rhume (cold) !
IYour studio seems to be a cheerful room ! I like ! And I like the leather armchair too ! We "see" it had a previous life and I like that ! I love going to flea markets to see, touch and ... buy "old things"
Have a nice week-end !


I love that chair! It looks like it has seen it all and now just wants to relax and recieve a bit of tlc - which i am sure you will provide!!
Hope you are feeling beter soon :)
Anthea x

Clare Powell

Have a great time at the first booty of the season! That till is fantastic how wonderful that it still works well.

Anne Donald

ooooh - I had a till like that!!


I love everything, I never find such lovliness...the chair is my favourite and I love them when they are battered....looks fab in the shop...hope you are H

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